Thursday, March 04, 2010

What you mean to me?

Happiness dont impress me much
Its a nice place to be
Sadness is uncomfortable
It inspires.

Yet, now, I look
Everywhere, at everything
For something, for someone
to inspire me.

I lost it, when
I lost you.
My penchant for
anything fine.

I wrote when with you,
I fought
I wrote when with you
I made sweet love.

I wrote always for you
Now, without you, there is
No-one to fight, no-one to love
There is no inspiration.

The desperation,
The frustration,
The inspiration I craved,
Numbness has been paved.

Whatever prevailed
Whatever it was
It is no longer there
Just a void that you left.

Come back to fight
Come back in sight
Come back in my life
Come back, be my wife.

I loved you, I still do.
Selfish you were, still are.
I loved you, without a care.
You loved me, just as a muse.

Your penchant is lost
Took it with me, it seems
But it is that you miss.
Coz without it, you are in a fix.

Life is incomplete
without inspiration.
Is that all I mean
To thee?

Without me,
Your words lose meaning
With you,
My existance begins waning.

Come back to fight?
Come back in sight?
If just you had asked me to
Come back to love!

Ps: Just in case I have to explain this, the first part is the guy talking and the next part is spoken by the girl!

I hope no more explanation is needed! :)


Nivedita said...

Sigh. Heart this one!
But still stick firm in the thought that 'muse' can also be a compliment.

saurangshu said...

How can u transcribe something like this.... not done not done...
loved it... reason u might just be able to guess :)

The Wandering Minstrel said...

Wow, very eloquent.

vibhuti bhandarkar said...

Hey...Super beyond words. Needed no explanation at all!
"Come back to fight,
Come back in sight."
Girls answer to that was exactly the thought that passed my mind....I LIKE...

Scribbling Girl said...

wish i wasn't able to relate to it...But wishes aren't horses so alas i do......

i lost it
when i lost you

ouch so true!

Ananya said...

Absolutely stunning...loved the girl's reply...initially had felt bad for the boy..but the last lines of the girls reply...

Come back to fight?
Come back in sight?
If just you had asked me to
Come back to love!

...just gave me one tight slap and woke me up! loved it!

Random said...

Yes no more explanation needed.

shweta said...

i have read dis before...u mailed me den...i loved it den...and i love it now still :) :)

psychedchick said...

Experience, unfortunately!

psychedchick said...

Well depends on whether you are just a muse, I guess!

psychedchick said...

Thank you so much :)

psychedchick said...

Thanks a lot :)

psychedchick said...

:) Thanks a lot!

psychedchick said...

That is the sad part when you can relate to it, I guess!

psychedchick said...

Isn't this your first ever comment here? I am impressed!

psychedchick said...

Yay! Thanks!

SiD said...

Arey this one is nice....i guess...:D

Zennmaster said...

fack! When you read something like this which hits a chord so close to home, you are sent spinning into the darkest corners of one's psyche. Anyhoo...

Random said...

and probbly the last...!

psychedchick said...

I am wondering why so many people are able to relate to it. Is this world full of morons like us who have this experience?