Friday, July 30, 2010

Take a chance

Is it me or is it you or is it just us?
If the love were strong,
Why do we into stupid fights, digress.
Each cuts a little deeper,
Each fight making me wonder,
Of whether it is meant to be.

I wish there was a way to know,
The direction of wind to blow.
I wonder and wish, I knew
How things would end.
A happily ever after or
a broken heart to mend.

There isn't a way around,
A fair chance we have to give,
Win or lose, time shall tell.
Forever we shall achieve,
if today is what we steal.
All I am asking you, today is,
Take a chance on me.

Crazy as it might sound,
Crazy as I might be,
Insecure and at times, maybe,
Unworthy of it too.
With faults of another,
Let's take a chance on us?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2 in hostel

This is my 2nd day in the hostel and well, I haven't written anything simply because it has taken a lot to adjust. Oh also I didn't have the net.

But now, I have settled. The nights get lonely (oh don't get ideas) but I have awesome roommates. They have helped me a lot during these days. So touch wood, we get along pretty well and they actually let me crack my silly jokes and laugh about it.

Food is well, not what I am used to. But well, adjusting to it will take time but I am really not a rice person. Thank God for Jr in the city. We atleast can do dhaba lunch once a week (If he lives upto what he said)

Chennai as a city is well a city. I shouldn't really compare it to Mumbai, this city has a different flavour. I love the trains here. No, I am serious. It has an amazing view especially the Chepauk station to the whatever is the next station. Full, almost aerial view of the Marina Beach.

What else can I say about this place except I finally got what I wanted?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

#18 The person I wish I was

Dearest my ideal person,

You keep changing. But soon you and me shall meet soon.


PS: If I do a contest of sorts on my blog, would that be nice?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Letter tag reply

So this letter tag has already made me smile so damn much. After an emotional day, I received this email from my friend for whom I had written this. I posting a part of the letter here. I love letters. Be free to write one to me. :D

Hey R!
Read your blog yesterday and got little emotional.
Babes, I know we haven’t been in touch that often for the past 4 years. We know each other but yet we don’t. But, it doesn’t bother me much because you are the same person for me too as I had known you in our school and college years. Time we spent shopping, classes, everything we did together. I am sure we both have grown as an individual. But, again it doesn’t concern me. I am sure we will get on like house on fire when we meet and catch up from where we left. :) Can’t wait for that moment.
Also, I want to tell you that I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR YOUJ
Miss you 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

#7 The one that got away

The letter tag is a very personal experience. Some of the letters are open while some will be password protected. Leave me a comment and I will share the password via email. :D

Show encrypted text

This post is a part of the 30 letter tag

#1 Best friend

My dearest best friend,

This word seems weird and alien but when I think of you, there is no other way I could describe it. The world has come between us (literally) and nothing really affected us. If it was anyone else, they would have gone disappeared from each other lives a long time back. You somehow make things so simple for me. We grew up together but now, we don't know each other yet you are my best friend. You are the one that I used to count upon when we went shopping, today, I count upon you to always be there.

Someday, you'll be back and things shall be the same. Maybe you won't be back and yet, we shall remain the same. That is the way we are. That is what you mean to me.


This post is a part of the 30 letter tag.

30 letter tag

I fear I can't write anymore. I need jump start my brain and while cruising through the internet, I found this tag. It is brilliant. And though, I can't promise to write a letter everyday (Moving to Chennai, I might not have the internet....That thought scares the hell out of me) but I will write as much as I can.

Now, this tag requires me to write 30 letters and no, I will not write them in any order. If I finish this tag before errr this year ends (?) I will treat myself to something nice. * Suggestions welcome to what that might be *

The list of letters are as follows :

  1. Your Best Friend
  2. Your Crush
  3. Your parents
  4. Your sibling (or closest relative)
  5. Your dreams
  6. A stranger
  7. Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
  8. Your favorite internet friend
  9. Someone you wish you could meet
  10. Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
  11. A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
  12. The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
  13. Someone you wish could forgive you
  14. Someone you’ve drifted away from
  15. The person you miss the most
  16. Someone that’s not in your state/country
  17. Someone from your childhood
  18. The person that you wish you could be
  19. Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
  20. The one that broke your heart the hardest
  21. Someone you judged by their first impression
  22. Someone you want to give a second chance to
  23. The last person you kissed
  24. The person that gave you your favourite memory
  25. The person you know that is going through the worst of times
  26. The last person you made a pinky promise to
  27. The friendliest person you knew for only one day
  28. Someone that changed your life
  29. The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
  30. Your reflection in the mirror

    I just went through this entire list and man some letter will overlap and I wonder if I can password protect some of these posts. Any ideas? It ain't good to be all in the open, right? 

    Update : As I complete the letters, I shall be updating the links here!

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Chennai, me and home!

    It has been a couple of days here in Chennai, away from home. I still feel like I am on vacation and I will be home soon. As days pass by, I realise that soon isn't soon enough.

    13 things I miss about home ( In no particular order)

    1. Waking up at noon - Seriously

    2. Waking up at noon to the smell of awesome home cooked food - Need I say more?

    3. My oven - My cookies, my cakes....

    4. My pesky little brother - Can't live with him, can't live without him.

    5. My friends - Randomly meeting up within 5 minutes of feeling bored.

    6. Ability to travel anywhere at any time - Nothing against Chennai but I will take some getting used to the roads and modes of transport.

    7. Talking to the halwadar in Marathi and getting away with parking "for 2 mins" in the no parking zone.

    8. Oh all the women in the train who taught me some awesome Marathi and Hindi cuss words - I promise to come back and teach you some tamil cuss words.

    9. My grandparents, my dad - sigh

    10. The extendable curfew at home - At the hostel, it is 7pm.

    11. My bathroom - Trust me, it feels different

    12. TV !!!!!

    13. The feeling that I belong.....

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Happy beginnings.

    It happened so damn fast. I never realised and here I am sitting in Chennai. I got what I wanted. And now, I sit back and reflect. 2 days ago, I realise not only am I through but that I have to leave in 2 days and now, here I am. My certificates are not in place, I didn't get my farewell parties but here I am.

    Before I knew my result, I had written the following post knowing very well that I wouldn't be in a frame of mind to write and now, here it is...

    I can do a dance. I can do a jig. Oh hell, I have just stopped dancing so that I can write this. I got through. I got through. That is all I can say now. Calls have been made. Status had been changed. I have tweeted about it. Oh boy, I am moving to Chennai.

    Bbye Mumbai. Bbye home. I am leaving.

    Oh damn I am going to miss this place.

    Excuse me while I go back to dancing. :D :D :D

    To all that I left without saying bye, I will be back :D 

    Saturday, July 10, 2010


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    "Didi, 10rs dedo na? Didi please"

    I try to ignore. And trust me it is difficult to not look at those eyes. Say whatever you want to about beggars and how they can choose to do better or how giving alms only makes things worse but a child has no choice.

    Thankfully, the signal turns green and I drive on. I reach the house of my nephew. Full of life and 'masti'. There isn't a moment that he can stay still. A 4yr old non stop chatterbox. It is my day to baby sit him which generally includes me taking him to the mall.

    "Aashika (that's what he calls me), I want chocolate," he says with innocence dripping from his eyes.

    "After you finish your dosa," I say following the instructions of my cousin.



    Worked like magic. Dosa was gone in 10 mins flat while we read (for the hundred time) Noddy's adventures. After we were done, immediately those big brown eyes asked, "Chocolate time, Aashika?"

    "Ok but only a small piece. Ok?"


    While I saw him eat the chocolate, the child at the traffic signal came to my mind. Both were children, both had similar needs, different wants yes.

    One wished for chocolates and knew how to throw a tantrum for it. Another just wished for survival.

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    Friday, July 09, 2010

    Let's grow up

    No more crazy adventures,
    No more stupid risks,
    No more princesses,
    Let's grow up, shall we?

    No more being unrestrained,
    No more being careless,
    No more being trusting,
    Let's face the truth, shall we?

    Not everyone is harmless,
    Not everyone is truthful,
    Not everyone is nice,
    Let's live in this world, shall we?

    Some people care,
    Some people love,
    Some people deserve,
    Let's love them, shall we?

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Which do I hate more?

    Which do I hate more - my tepid, uncaring self, unable to feel or understand anything around me or do I hate my acrid self - feeling and violently reacting, maybe destroying everything in sight?

    I think most of all, I hate my dual self. Crazy and volatile. Undeciding and unsure. Impulsive yet cautious. I wish there was just one me!
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    Monday, July 05, 2010


    So many dreams, wishes, hopes, all pivotal on one thing. Oh today, I choose to be optimistic. After cribbing and complain, I choose to let my dreams run free. Today, I shall imagine and think that everything is going to go my way. I'm going to get into that university. I'm going to leave home. I'm going to live alone. I'm going to going to cook for myself. I'm going to meet people every week instead of every 2 months. I won't have to ship cookies. (Oh yes, I will make cookies there too). I will love it there. The cynic me is on a holiday and shall return soon.