Sunday, November 08, 2009

The lost girl

To a girl and a woman I'm trying to understand.

When you meet her, you'll probably think she is a snob. Some have told her so. Most change their opinions on meeting her the next time. But you'll never stop thinking, "Man, she talks too much." You'll wince when you see her cross the road. She is careless about her life and health, much like she is with her heart.

She has her pride and an ego too. She is sensitive to criticism but in a no way weak. She cringes on seeing bad English but she knows how to keep her mouth shut. She believes in giving a second chance and maybe even a third but more than that you are just fooling yourself.

She loves doing nothing but is restless in inactivity. She sets very high standards and loves it when people exceed it. She likes it when people correct her more than she loves correcting people.

She wishes things could be better but knows that they could be worse too.

When you meet her, it will seem like the whole world is her friend. She is nice to almost everyone. When you really come to know her (a matter of pride for only a few) you'll know how lonely she is. She is there whenever someone needs her but is there someone who is there for her always?

People love her smile. People love her eyes but a few can see the pain and the emptiness that reflect in them. A few can see that the smile plastered on her face doesnt have the warmth of her heart. Because it feels like a cold cold place there. Frozen over. Brittle and vulnerable.

There is complete chaos in her life but on the outside, she is a woman. Within somewhere deep inside is a lost lost girl!