Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back but not really.

I wish I could describe how this vacation was. It was the first time that I didn't feel home sick. I'm scared of staying over at my uncles and aunts over the weekend because I start missing home. I stayed for almost a week without the internet (I'm addicted), my bed (I'm possessive) and most importantly my phone (there was so signal). Except the once-a-day call back home to pacify my grandmother, I didnt make a call. And it was fun.

I had no idea that so much "awesomeness" was ready to ambush me. There are parts that I can't recall but I smile. There are people who I had never met before who came really close. The hugs were warm and the smile genuine. Events and things are muddled in my head right now due to lack of sleep, I guess. I really wish I could explain what this trip did to me emotionally. Lets say that I was obsessed and bored to death and now, I have the zeal to move on forward. Life seemed at a standstill but now, it has realised that it needs to find direction.

I will never forget this amazing vacation and I have a hideous scar to remind me (Got it while I was racing for the train) :D

I will go back to the place with the same people anytime of the year without thinking even once. Again, I can't even begin to explain what this trip meant to me. See, I'm rambling now!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm off!

Do you know the feeling when you just want to write? I have it today. Maybe because I'm so excited and I was thinking what the hell do I write about? I have been feeling pretty muse-less now a days. I suddenly, remembered that today was a Wednesday and we have the 3WW. And wonder of wonders, one of the words was journey. And that is precisely what I'm excited about. I'm off for a mini and super vacation.

Anyway, this is my take with the words : Hinder, Journey, Rigid.

After doing almost nothing for around 3 months, Sarah was bored. Bored of her life, of her routinely empty days. She had a busy rigid schedule which she gave up because it was beginning to take a toll of her health. The doctor had advised to take it slow. Slow but now, her life had come to complete stand still. There was nothing to do. She needed some excitement, something that gave her a reason to get up in the morning.

Finally came a call. A call from a friend who was bored too. They made a plan to meet halfway. There were a number of things coming her way. Her dad who wasnt used to her taking off like this was one major hinderance. But she managed to convinced him which kind of surprised her. Now, all that mattered was going on this journey. She was going to meet absolutely new people, of whom she had heard, some of whom she had spoken to but never ever met. She thought she was quite the dare devil. Now, all that matter was that trip. She packed her bags, while dancing. Finally, she was excited about something.

Oh yes, I'm tired of being online 24*7 and I'm taking off tomorrow to my grandmother's birthplace. I'm super duper excited and even though the story is absolutely stupid sounding, it is exactly what happened in the past 3 month. I will post a lot of pics when I'm back. Bon Voyage to me :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I lost myself

This place I used to

Once call mine.

This life, I used to

Once call mine.

What belonged to me,

Doesnt anymore!

Places and things

Infested with memories,

Memories of you, of us.

Of times spent in

Arms of you.

Everywhere I go,

I lose myself

In a time, when

you were here.

I lose myself

In a place, when

we were one.

This place I used to

Once call mine.

This life, I used to

Once call mine.

Vanity is the price,

I paid for love.

A price I regret not.

I'm me, no longer.

What was mine,

is mine, no longer.

I lost myself

when I found you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"His chances of surviving are bleak," the doctor said, "It maybe time to say goodbye."

"Dad, I'm queer. I'm sorry I never told you," his son whispered.

All were shocked. There wasn't a sound around the room, not even him breathing. Suddenly, there was a hiccup.

"I always knew, son." The father breathed his last.

Wrote it for 3WW. Haven't written here in a while and had to kickstart! The words were: Queer, bleak and hiccup.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Return of the ranter

There is this person I follow on twitter who has taken to posting almost everyday in his blog and I'm envious. I wish I had a life so full of colour that I could write about it everyday. Actually I'm envious of what I used to be a few months ago. Those of you who followed me to wordpress from blogger would agree that I used to be quite the blogger. Sense or senseless but there used to always be something to read. Interesting or not.

Life, as of now, has become quite dull. And there isn't much to be done except for my absolutely MAD class! (which reminds me I have to take printouts for class)

At other times, I get these wicked ideas of doing things but the lazy me can never get my ass of this damn bed and get working. But, today, I declare is the end of the lazy era. Get to work, I say! Er, what work? Find one, first, I guess. To be making a list, what are things I always wanted to do? Now, that I have the time, shouldn't I be doing those? Ah, finally a positive twist on things. Damn, why do I get energy in the middle of the night?

Fine, to making the list then. I do need to learn cooking. I can't even make a cup of tea. Damn! Ok so,

1. Learn to cook.

Maybe I can better my french. 3 years of it college and now, I have forgotten it all. So lets try not to forget. I should get the old text book out. Hmmm so, now we have

2. Better french skills (la langue, s'il vous plait)

Damn damn, how could I forget?

3. Study that GRE material much much more seriously!

I wonder if this is enough. If not I have a lot of movies to catch up on and learn how to use the LAN services that my darling cable net has provided. Basically, I need to get a real life. Get out of this virtual life. Sigh! I wonder if I will ever keep these up. Well, lets be optimistic atleast while we are starting :P

Oh yeah, this marks the return of the ranter!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Lost or found?

Standing in front of the mirror,

I look, I wonder,

Has something really changed?

I talk and try to understand

What people have to say,

Have I truly changed?

So much that people

Recognise me no longer?

Used to be you,

No longer as you were,

Is all I hear over and over again.

Is it really so?

What and who has changed?

I feel and think no different,

Maybe people perceive different?

There has lot that has change,

I disagree with it not.

Part of growing up,

Have I lost what I used to be?

Or is it that I found what I'm?

Did I lose the uniqueness?

Did I find the calmness?

Did I mature? Or

Did I just lose my innocence?

Each day, this confusion grows.

Answers I seek, but none I find.

Muddled and confused,

Ignore everything, should I?

Questions are aplenty,

Answers, none.

I am what I am today,

I was what I was, yesterday.

I shall change throughout

and so shall you.

I shall evolve and with me,

Maybe you will too.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dedicated to the leading man of my life movie!

Dear Baby Brother,
(Ok, you aren't a baby anymore so scratch that..)

Dear little brother,
(That just sounds wrong. You are almost 6 ft tall)


Dearest darling brother,

(Ok lets make do with this for now)

[Wasn't originally meant to be so but totally fits the 30-letter tag]
I was talking to a friend today when I shouted at you today. Ironically I shouted, "Dont shout." My friend said I shouldn't be so mean to you especially for no fault of yours. I know I lose my temper. I know I shout at you when I shouldn't. Most often I displace my anger at you. I could say sorry and finish it off. But somehow, it just feel wrong. And no, it isn't because of my ego. But our relationship is the only relation in the world, I can take for granted. I still remember the days when we used to fight like cats and dogs. Then, Amma would come and shout at us. Either of us (whoever was more angry and less bruised) who lash back and 15 mins later, we would be enjoying the TV or something else and both of us would be miffed at Amma.

I still maintain that I don't care what I say to because in the end, I know it and I hope you know it, it is you and me, till the end! Always and forever!

Arrgh, I wish I could write more to you. But we aren't used to this, are we? Hell, you read my mind. So, finish that damn journal of yours quick. Have fun. I really want to say I love you but you'll just cringe at that. But I do and you know it. And I hope you always follow your heart. I'm right here if and when you need me...

Love (and kisses :P),
Your ELDER sister!
(Ok ok,)


PS: Just realised that I will ACTUALLY have to part with my laptop to let you read this...Damn!