Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to you, Bombay!

The sights and sounds that make home. I don't love Bombay because it is the "city of dreams" or the "city that never sleeps" but because it is home. Simple as that.

The dust, the heat, the traffic and above all, the hordes of people all that make this city special. I don't know why so people come here but I do know why I find it so difficult to leave. Family and friends.

Independence is one thing but the idea of everything taking care of itself is awesome. The someone to run to each day or of hot dinner waiting for you, I yearn for while I'm away.

School friends, college friends, twitter friends, just friends (origin unknown). Meeting all of them in just a week is impossible. I've to break someone's heart each time. (Pompous eh?) I keep saying I'll be back for 2 months (summer break). But I doubt I'll meet them then as well. I will have an internship that might require me to be running around the city. But everything is just an excuse. I just don't want to miss this comfort when I am away. 

People don't understand the reason for me to choose the window seat in the aircraft. The reason is simple. That first sight of my city. Those lights, blinding lights. Just the feeling of I am home. Where everything is familiar and everything is mine.

Today, once again I pack my bag. Wondering if I can reschedule my ticket, I know I'll be back soon finding every small excuse. Because I leave my heart here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloggers unite.

Seen Marley and me? 101 dalmatians? And the best (worst?) of them all, Hachiko?

Even if you haven't, you won't dispute with the fact that dogs are man's best friend. It is sad that the one true living being that would actually do anything for you, gets 0 respect and love from you.

I love dogs. I do. I think there are the best things all planet on Earth. The most genuine and loving. So it breaks my heart that I can't do anything for them. Not much until I have my own money and house.

But now, I have the perfect opportunity. Mumbai Twestival is organizing a meet up. It is on 24th of March. This year we are supporting Welfare of Street Dogs. I can truly vouch for their work. Brilliant and awesome. Read about them, here. If you want to help, let me know. On Fb, on twitter, anywhere.

Things you can do :

  1. Donate : Go to http://bit.ly/givemumbai
  2. Come for the event. Details on our fb page soon. (Click on it)
  3. Get us some sponsors.
  4. Blog about it and win prizes. (Read about it here)
  5. Follow us on twitter @mumtwestival
  6. Like our fb page.
  7. Spread the word like wildfire. (There are prizes to be won)

It is crazy that some people when I asked to help out, they said that they rather help the 2 legged creatures than the 4 legged. My immediate response is why? Who are we to decide that humans are more deserving of help? I get it, you don't want to help. I can't force you. Dogs aren't a cause you feel strongly about. Fine. But more deserving is what pisses me off. Truly. Crazily.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

road to recovery

That thing that you just can't let go of. That piece of cloth, that book, that piece of paper, that stub of a ticket. Pieces and glimpses of the past that you hold onto.

Things that you can't let go of. Ideas that occupy your mind. Dreams that flood your thoughts. Memories that possess you. How worthy of your present are they? How worthy of your time today are they?

Wonder why I am thinking of it but I just am. The slideshow in my head is not yet fixed and it throws up images in seeming weird chronological order. It jumps from an era to another and the feelings that it brings with it are just as poignant and vivid as they were at that point in time.

Things that happened years ago. The disgust that I felt, the pain I experienced, everything is the same. It just feels like I am watching someone's pain and I am empathizing. It ain't me. It is someone else.  I can only imagine that this is what the road of recovery looks like. This road has the most sucky scenery.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Multitask much?

At this precise moment, I have my notes open, I have the cricket match on, I have twitter on, I am chatting with a friend via text messages and with another via BBM. I think there might be a lag of a second or 2 in my response time, otherwise, I am really good at multitasking.

Soon 3g shall be common in India and if the reliance Ad is to be believed, I will be able to "mix my worlds". For a compulsive multitasker like me, it is good news eh?

Now, that just makes me wonder. I was writing an exam that day. 2 hr long. The idea of not doing anything but writing an answer after another is scary. I need to be constantly bombarded with information. I need multiple things to need my attention. I strive on such chaos. In the exam hall, I sing to myself to keep me distracted. I make plans in my head and sometimes, even have conversations. (Yeah, I might be schizo)

But I wonder if it is just me. It is something that I do because of my habits (hence, I can change it) or is it my personality (Will need hard work but changable) or do many of us face this (still changable but a lot of changes will have to be made). What do you think? What is it?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pain is addictive

An old acrostic. (What is an acrostic? Read this)

Part of me, it is now.
An indestructible part,
Indifferent, I have become,
Nonetheless, to your presence.

I am no longer me.
Slave to pain, the feeling of being alive.

Alive from the passive death.
Death, the slow death from the pain
Death, unlike the death of my happiness.
It is not unlike the blood flowing from a
Cut on my arm. Painful. But
Therapeutic. It screams aloud,
I'm alive. Unlike my broken heart
Veins throb. I revel in 
Elixir of life: Pain.

Self injury is a serious issue. Read this first hand account.