Friday, March 26, 2010

Speaking Out - An acrostic

She looked at me
Perhaps to say something.
Eyes, hope within them?
Aspirations aplenty, lay crushed
Killed, dead, lost, shattered.
I wonder and shudder,
Now what to do?
Give her some space
Or return her faith?
Under the covers, hide?
Take the leap, instead!

Written for Acrostic Only


shwe said...

thnk god...i would hve been dam angry if u hadnt posted it... :)

welcome back to acros...and i hope u r bck for good...

i liked this one :D :)

cosmobong said...

Rashi the Genius gal thanks for helping me understand the art of Speaking out - the acrostic way... It took me some honest attempt to figure out the connection...

way to go gal... :)

Leo said...

i never knew u wrote it also, usually u show me.
if u hadnt posted this, i'd have been angry too.
its really a slam bang return to AO and dont stop.
its like u r back home :)

well and strongly worded acrostic.

Amity said...

Wow...this is a unique take on speaking out...:)

I am fellow AO writer, and this is my first time in your place, I find ur blog very good and interesting...:)

Have a nice weekend!

Scribbling Girl said...

wow this was so different!
i so missed ur acrostics
now u better be back
so i get to read such beautiful works :)

Amias said...

Coming out or speaking out .. it's all the same, you came back with a bang! Glad to find you again!