Thursday, May 17, 2012

Luci and I aren't all that different, you know.

Luci is my dog, if you didn't know. And she is quite a special little thing. Even though I have called her brain damaged, I don't mean special in that way.

So Luci is probably the most docile dogs, you'll know. A little hyper at times but never will bite you unless it is playfully and you are Shruti or me. One nasty habit Luci has is that when we take her down for a walk, she likes to egg bigger dogs. Generally, she never ever even looks in the direction of another dog but just sometimes, she will pick a fight. Shruti and I think that she knows that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it because we are always there to protect her. Nothing will ever hurt her.

I think the same about my dad.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Of how I lost my wallet for Re.1, managed to get the credit cards of my entire family and have no idea of how I will shop and other such deep stuff.

First things first, I might be going to Germany. Yes, now, please don't jinx it. Okay? Visa is a pain. Thankfully, I have an awesome person taking care of that. And for that I needed a Demand Draft. Got one done but there was error. Had to get another one. Apparently to cancel a DD you need a revenue stamp. (Why all these stupid rules is a separate rant) I went to the post office. Got my wallet out and got of the post office in less than a minute. Walked 10 seconds and wanted to get something to drink and realised I don't have my wallet. Fuck the cash (which was quite a bit) but my cards. Okay, maybe fuck my cards too. But I have to shop to go to Europe and I have no cards.

How can it get any worse? Oh wait, it does. Yesterday, I had an entire pissed off conversation with my father about I should be trusted and considered an adult. And what do I do today? Self respect down the drain. So if you have a piece of my self respect while you are having a bath, please return it. If you find it while doing other stuff, let it go. I will survive.

So not only have I lost my wallet and aforementioned self respect, I have managed to block my dad's and brother's credit cards. They were all connected to one account and now, they are now all blocked. Brilliant.

Somehow all of this has to make sense, right? Nothing happens without a reason. Or maybe it does. In those moments that I ran inside the Post Office to check if my wallet was still there, I surveyed the area, checked the floor to check if my wallet was still there. I saw this one man in his rickshaw driver uniform. Since I didn't find my wallet, my mind immediately thought, oh maybe he took it. Mind you there were many others around but my mind immediately started noticing him. In my moments of panic, I said nothing and thank God for that. But I feel so pathetic that with all of my criminology training and shit, I am still just a mere mortal with all my prejudices. I know I am being pompous but ideally, maybe, I should have looked at everyone with the same suspicious eyes and I didn't. Wallet to gaya, the halo I had on my head, also gone.

Over all, a pretty stupid day, I say.

This has been my day so far. Now, it is time to become the bull's eye for daddy's firing range and go crack that visa interview tomorrow.

(Feeble attempts to make myself see the funnier side to things. It hasn't worked very much)

P. S : I had to mention that it was a sexy Pierre Cardin wallet which my dad gave me and I will miss it. RIP.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


The war has torn my lands.
There is blood oozing hate from every crevice.
There are shards of broken dreams,
Glistening in the meek sunlight.
Walls lay broken, ruined.
The proud buildings are in pieces,
Somewhere and everywhere.
There is disdain in the air
Along with despair.
There is no salvaging,
No selvage to stop unravelling.
Where does one go from here?