Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random story

Do you know how difficult it is to tie your laces when your hand is in a sling? Let me tell you. VERY. Being the accident prone that I am, I had my hand in a sling yet again. While I was tying them, bent down. This random guy bumped into me and walked ahead. I looked up and realised it was the same guy who had asked me for a lighter for a smoke. After exchanging a smile and lighting his cigarette, I had left.

Now, he passed by me and mumbled a sorry. He hailed a cab and as it turned out, his destination was the same. What came over me, I would never know, I asked him if could car pool as I was going to the same place. He smiled and let me get in first.

The 5 minutes, total awkward silence. Then,

Boy : May I ask something?
Me: Go ahead.
Boy: You a United fan?
Me: Oh yeah. How did you know?
Boy: Rooney on your back. (referring to the Rooney keychain on my bag)
Me: Oh. Yes. Red Devil. You too?
(Thought in my head - Oh lord. Please please)
Boy: Can I guess what you are thinking?
Me (surprised but): Ok, sure. (shrug)
Boy: You are thinking. Oh God, please let him not be a scouser please please. He is too cute to be a scouser.
Me (laugh): You got everything except the cute part right.
Boy: Are you single?
Me: I rather not get personal.
Boy: Oh sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Awkward silence.

Boy: Oh you have a Blackberry?
Me: Yes.
Boy: I am really sorry about earlier. I mean it.
Me: Yeah. It is ok. Whatever.
Boy: No. I aint a scouser.
Me: Great.
Boy: Heard Rooney is back from injury.
Me: Yeah. He is going to be playing today.

... Loads of Jibber jabber about football and the darn Arsenal 5-0 win the previous night.

When we were almost reaching my place,
Boy: Hey, should we keep in touch?
Me: I am not sure.
Boy: Do you blog?
Me: Yes.
Boy: Will you blog about this?
Me: Maybe.
Boy: May I have the link?
Me: Bhaiya, yahin ruka do. (Stop the cab here.)

*Give the driver 100 rs and turn towards him*
Me: Thanks a lot. The drive would have been boring without your company. *wink*

(Thought in my head- This will make a good blog post)


Nabila said...

Someone's life is actually interesting unlike mine :P
Interesting post and interesting journey :)

Preetam said...

now you know why i keep telling 'cab' stories. ;)

jonva said...

why would you ask the dude if he wanted to car pool?? idiot

Arjit said...

Interesting. I too meet such people, but never actually thought to change it to a blog post! :P

psychedchick said...

Always blog about interesting things. It is fun!

psychedchick said...

You don't even talk to the people in the cab. You are on the phone with me!

psychedchick said...

It keeps things interesting?

nkr4068 said...

Oye..interesting thing! :D