Friday, July 23, 2010

Letter tag reply

So this letter tag has already made me smile so damn much. After an emotional day, I received this email from my friend for whom I had written this. I posting a part of the letter here. I love letters. Be free to write one to me. :D

Hey R!
Read your blog yesterday and got little emotional.
Babes, I know we haven’t been in touch that often for the past 4 years. We know each other but yet we don’t. But, it doesn’t bother me much because you are the same person for me too as I had known you in our school and college years. Time we spent shopping, classes, everything we did together. I am sure we both have grown as an individual. But, again it doesn’t concern me. I am sure we will get on like house on fire when we meet and catch up from where we left. :) Can’t wait for that moment.
Also, I want to tell you that I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR YOUJ
Miss you 

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