Thursday, July 22, 2010

#1 Best friend

My dearest best friend,

This word seems weird and alien but when I think of you, there is no other way I could describe it. The world has come between us (literally) and nothing really affected us. If it was anyone else, they would have gone disappeared from each other lives a long time back. You somehow make things so simple for me. We grew up together but now, we don't know each other yet you are my best friend. You are the one that I used to count upon when we went shopping, today, I count upon you to always be there.

Someday, you'll be back and things shall be the same. Maybe you won't be back and yet, we shall remain the same. That is the way we are. That is what you mean to me.


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Tweety said...

hmmm maybe if we try..distances don't matter... :) i know when ur frnd is back things would be d same..n if nt d same atleast you will know that u r at last together..

Scribbling Girl said...

nice :) distances doesn't matter as long as distances in the heart never come about! And there is no place in the heart for best frnds <3

Minstrel Incognito said...

Really sweet... yes, distances can never come between best friends.. :)

krist0ph3r said...

exactly what i feel...friends may go far away, get out of touch because of time zones, hectic day to day schedules and everything else...but you know you're best friends when you get back after years...and it seems like you weren't apart for even a day! :)