Monday, July 05, 2010


So many dreams, wishes, hopes, all pivotal on one thing. Oh today, I choose to be optimistic. After cribbing and complain, I choose to let my dreams run free. Today, I shall imagine and think that everything is going to go my way. I'm going to get into that university. I'm going to leave home. I'm going to live alone. I'm going to going to cook for myself. I'm going to meet people every week instead of every 2 months. I won't have to ship cookies. (Oh yes, I will make cookies there too). I will love it there. The cynic me is on a holiday and shall return soon.


Crazy Gal said...

*Fingers crossed*
Prayers on the lips
Be optimistic

The (un)Common Woman said...

A day for you. :) Hope - I love that word!


Anonymous said...

:) wishin u all the luck ,may you have a wondrful journey ahead...may the optimist in u never die....then again things can never be so bad and if at all they do...tweet/blog the miseries away warm hugs n wishes tc

Anonymous said...