Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2 in hostel

This is my 2nd day in the hostel and well, I haven't written anything simply because it has taken a lot to adjust. Oh also I didn't have the net.

But now, I have settled. The nights get lonely (oh don't get ideas) but I have awesome roommates. They have helped me a lot during these days. So touch wood, we get along pretty well and they actually let me crack my silly jokes and laugh about it.

Food is well, not what I am used to. But well, adjusting to it will take time but I am really not a rice person. Thank God for Jr in the city. We atleast can do dhaba lunch once a week (If he lives upto what he said)

Chennai as a city is well a city. I shouldn't really compare it to Mumbai, this city has a different flavour. I love the trains here. No, I am serious. It has an amazing view especially the Chepauk station to the whatever is the next station. Full, almost aerial view of the Marina Beach.

What else can I say about this place except I finally got what I wanted?


SoNaM said...

god bless ya_)

Scribbling Girl said...

:) What do one seek for when they get what they wanted :)
You will surely adjust ..and if u get well with ur roomates....well trust me u will have the most memorable period in hostel...its a blast :)
Happy adjustments and well amazing dates :P

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

enjoy the hostel life..its the best experience of life..

Freelancer said...

u are kidding me!!! you actually like this place!!!

Me-Era* said...

:) Very few ppl like the place.

But its easier if you like it. :) enjoy!

Me-Era* said...

:) Very few ppl like the place.

But its easier if you like it. :) enjoy!

Dishit D said...

you reached admission! great - congrats! - and all the best! :)

aah hostel life - those are the best days of your life - which you will cherish all your life! so enjoy!

Tweety said...

you reached the place u wanted to be...so i guess in a way you got the cake and you could eat it too...

chennai in one word according to me is a rainy city..it just rains..so thats something common with mumbai too :D

by the end of it...you need to adjust...and i know you can with jr by your side...i think it is worth it :)