Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy beginnings.

It happened so damn fast. I never realised and here I am sitting in Chennai. I got what I wanted. And now, I sit back and reflect. 2 days ago, I realise not only am I through but that I have to leave in 2 days and now, here I am. My certificates are not in place, I didn't get my farewell parties but here I am.

Before I knew my result, I had written the following post knowing very well that I wouldn't be in a frame of mind to write and now, here it is...

I can do a dance. I can do a jig. Oh hell, I have just stopped dancing so that I can write this. I got through. I got through. That is all I can say now. Calls have been made. Status had been changed. I have tweeted about it. Oh boy, I am moving to Chennai.

Bbye Mumbai. Bbye home. I am leaving.

Oh damn I am going to miss this place.

Excuse me while I go back to dancing. :D :D :D

To all that I left without saying bye, I will be back :D 


Scribbling Girl said...

wow wow wow wow :) :) :)
I am so so so so so Happppy for u :)
May all ur wishes come true always :)
I am angry for u missing to call before leaving :P
But stilll happpy :D
Lets do a jig \:D/ :D
Love you babes

Vishal Raj said...

Good luck. Chennai shall embrace you with love. ;-)

The (un)Common Woman said...

:) Good luck with the new place!

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Hope u enjoy the best.....

Aparna said...

have a good time in chennai

Richa Sharma said...

I am super supra supratively happy for u :P

I m gonna come visit u sometime as promised :) And we shall talk!!

Wish you loads n tonnes of happiness n success!!


Tweety said...

i am happy for u gal..n u deserve it...completely n thoroughly...but i am angry still...u havent me woman as soon as u get time...its been ages since i talked to u... :) :)

as for i hope chennai treats u well...i guess i don't need to hope for it...its one place in the world i hope u find ur happiness :D

Purple PIRATE said...

well i don't know how chennai is ...but i am sure you must be missing mumbai very much..hope to get your updates from chennai...