Monday, September 20, 2010

Not until I say so.

It is not over until I say so.

I shall not give up until I am not ready to do so.

I shall not regret not giving up.

I shall do whatever it takes.

I shall forgive myself.

I shall sleep peacefully knowing I did my best.

Until then, I shall be hopeful.

Update: I kept saying to myself that I wouldn't/shouldn't do something all day long. And that it would ruin it all. I tried and tried harder. Spoke to friends, spoke a little more. Then, I said, screw it and sent out a mail I was meaning to. I deleted it. With crazy emotions out of the way, I wrote the email, again, now, calmly. I haven't got a reply yet, but I feel better.


Richa Sharma said...

Sometimes silence is bliss....but mostly if you say all that you want to helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

i loved the message here !

Scribbling Girl said...

>:D< is all i have

Good u mailed....good u spoke a bit and good u vented....u need it all....always dont give up till last but then once u know it the black end.....accept that its meant to be...its tough but its important :)

I am always there to receive long mails :)

Anonymous said...

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