Saturday, October 02, 2010

The train that never reached

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"I have been waiting for you, since 30 mins. Where are you?" he said, sounding really irritated.

"I am so sorry. I am just on my way. The train is really slow. Are you still at the station?" I replied, over the din of the train.

"Yes." And he cut the call.

I sensed he was mad at me. I wish this train would go faster. It would take me atleast 15 mins more. As the train was approaching the station, I sent him a text, ' Reaching in 2. Wait near the entrance?"

Reply : "Don't bother. I had a long day. I just want to go home now. You do the same. See you later."

Shit, he was really mad.

As the train began to pull into the station, it suddenly stopped.

It just refused to move. I was getting more and more impatient. I dialled his number. No response. He does that when he is angry. I keep trying.

Text : "Please pick up my calls. I am stuck here. It really aint my fault."

15 minutes.

Train wasn't moving nor was he picking up the call.. Panic.

Phone ringing. Dad.

"Dad, can I call you later? I am stuck in the train."

"Don't you dare get out of there. There is some problem at the station. Just don't get off."

"But Dad, he is waiting for me at the station."

"Shit. Just don't get out. He'll call you. Ok?"


What the hell was happening? The networks were jammed. There was panic in the train.

30 mins later, the train started moving in the opposite direction. What? I just made my way home. Hoping and praying, he had done the same.

All night long, I called and I called. Watched TV all night. Emotion-less. Terrorist attack? Shooting at CST station?

Where the hell was he?

The mind unready to believe something had happened to him. City lockdown.

No, nothing could have happened. He just went home and slept. He is just being oblivious to the world as he usually is.

Phones totally cut. Eyes, stuck to the television.

How do I know he is ok? How the hell do I know?

27hrs later. Eyes still glued. Phones still out. Foodless, waterless, sleepless and maybe even breathless.

I don't know when I fell asleep, but I did. When I woke up, the scene was the station was on TV. Blood everywhere and glass shattered. A chill ran down my spine.

No. No. He said he was leaving. he left.

Door bell. Strengthlessly, I opened the door. There he stood in front of me, with that crooked smile of his.

"Shit, you look like a mess. Where were you? I was waiting." he said.

PS: Almost true story!
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Scribbling Girl said...

Gosh i can never imagine such a true story.....this was chilling......totally kept me glued....amazing expressions girl....loved it :)

Tweety said...

shit...thank god he was fine... :) :) i wonder how many never had this positive ending.. :( sigh..well done..

nkr4068 said...

I've read, seen or heard something similar only to know the end was tragic then, and i hoped it's all okay here!!

Amazing to read one, but nervecracking to experience!!

A Journey to the Unknown Spaces

Vaish said...

Wow!! such a well written story. Couldn't imagine such a story in real life!!

Vivek Nanda said...

Nice, I enjoyed it :)

reetam said...

whew. that was the scariest story of the lot.
thank goodness for the happy ending....

Amity said...

If this is almost true, then it is just as scary...:)

You took my breath away, from beginning to end...the rushing, the worries, cut communications, the will really make one breathless and very much worried!

What a relief he appeared at last but in a mess...:)

All the best! :) G'mowning!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

your friend returned alive.
Nice post. Almost expected a tragic end, but happy to hear a feel good story about the Mumbai incident :)

The Fool said...

Interesting read.

Someone Is Special said...

This is very interesting post.. very well written..

--Someone Is Special--

Sidra Sayeed said...

With all the gruesome incidents the postscript was nothing short of haunting. It's a very scary thought.

Brijender Singh said...

Sometimes it is the near-miss experiences which actually help us identify what really matters to us in our lives.
And with that optimistic note in mind, will read your story as a case of love blossoming rather than fear abiding.

Cherry Blossom said...

Anxiety builds and haunts you when you fear for the worst. The feeling of anxiety is well conveyed. Good that it ended happily. Enjoyed reading it.

monisha mehta said...

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Tavish {Sensible Bakwas} said...

great story and very well written... wa expecting one on the Mumbai incident and here it is... all the best for BAT

Vee... said...

glad that's a happy ending RV. but that's really scary to even imagine going through something like that.