Sunday, September 05, 2010

I miss home

Do you know the sounds that make your house? If I close my eyes and imagine that I am home, I can hear the pressure cooker whistle, my grandmother humming, the door bell ringing, my servants chattering away in marathi, the phone ringing, random marathi songs blaring on the radio, the clunk and cluttering of pots and pans. All this makes my home, a happy home.

What do I hear now? Eeerie crazy silence.

When I would wake up at home, I would wake up to the aroma of breakfast. Here, I wake up to a growling stomach and the need to make some food and no1 to make it for me.

I am lost. I miss home. Does it get easier? I really wish it could.

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nkr4068 said...

The very truth. You know something? This sept 1st, it was my 10th year away from home, first a boarding school, then in the hostel rooms of an engineering college.

nkr4068 said...

Well, one more comment should be thrown in, these things, the clatterings and chatterings and whistles, all noises that you never know existed, once at home turns out to be the biggest pain when away from home. You miss these small things than may be the big car or the awesome tv you had there.