Monday, September 13, 2010


I read this on a friend's blog and as usual, a discussion ensued. Friendship is a complicated relationship, isn't it? Each person's take on it is different and more importantly, your friendship differs depending on who it is with.

There are friends, acquaintances and bleh bleh categories but within friends, there are categories too right?

What the hell am I rambling about? Well, basically, we were never taught to define friendship in school, were we? (Thank God for that) and we are to find our own way around this complex relationship. We all make rules and break them. Some people seem to have no boundaries between friends.

I think it is like dropping someone in the deep blue ocean and asking them to swim. We all learn. We just learn. That is what makes each friendship special, ain't it?


M. said...

ah, and what about love in friendships? try mixing that up, and its all a soupy emotional broth, i say :)

great blog!

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

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Dishit D said...

Friendship is special - it just grows on and on as time passes! :)

krist0ph3r said...

we don't figure out our own definition of friendship. we figure it based on how the people we consider our friends, treat us :)