Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Does she have a story?

Does she have a story to tell? Did she have dreams to share? Did she have a life full of adventures and trials? Does she believe in God?

Did she love a man and have a family? Did she have her heart broken only to find herself stronger? Did she cry on the day she got married? Did she get the wedding she always dreamt of? Did she get married at all?

Did she want to have a career? Was she a stay at home mom? Was she a strict mom? Did she have a happy childhood?

A million and one thoughts ran through my mind as I saw an old lady begging at the signal. I wonder what a life she might have had. I think and realise maybe her life started and might just end at the signal. Nothing more to it. No dreams, no thoughts except where the next meal will come from. The next instant, I see a small child at the signal. Will the child have the same life? A life that begins and ends at the same place. No dreams, no thoughts.


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Yes she has a story to tell. The difference between a normal person and a beggar is thought... if she could think of ways to earn, she can earn too. Just my thought.

Sharika said...

Well i think they have thoughts as well, dreams too..just to belief to make them come true.. some i think are happy with their life, no work..coz even when offered work they refuse..atleast some of them do..

Rashmi M said...

Lovely :)

N said...

that's a very Zen way of looking at things, of being in the present and letting go of the past and future!