Friday, June 25, 2010

Of the things I want...

I'm not what I was
I'm not what I will be.
I'm not what I am
with you with anyone else.

You're not what you were
You're not what you will be
You're special to me
just as I hope, I'm to you.

Will you change with me?
Will you hold my hand,
every step of the way?
Will you be there?

Will you accept me the way I'm?
Will you change things
you don't like?
Will you be there always?

I expect no fairtale.
I expect no smooth sailing.
I do expect tender loving care
And a happily ever after.

I want to fight with you.
I want to argue with you.
I want to send you to the couch.
I want to love you.


Maverick said...

y da change in title??????

i remembr dis one! :)

Prasad Shelar said...

wow !! good one ! :)

The (un)Common Woman said...

Lovely! :)

RV said...

I don't believe you remember it coz I didn't :P Hence the change :D

@Prasad, The (un)Common Woman,

Richa Sharma said...

Thats honest..
Love it!!