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This post is co-authored by Jr. and me. After toying with a lot of ideas, we decided to finally tell each other all that was "hidden" and reveal what our inner Hydes were saying about each other through the time we knew each other. The parts in the brackets and italics are the thoughts in the head, J being Jr. and R being Rashi, me. Needless to say, this was one hell of trip down memory lane.

First Mail:
J: Hello. I sent what you had asked for. Did you go through it? (Another person. I'm not fit enough to handle such a big enough friend circle, you know?)

R: Hey. Yeah got it. Thanks a lot. I am going to bombard you with questions. I hope you don't mind. (What nonsense! Why can't the document be more self-explanatory? Now, I will have to keep asking for clarifications. Arrrgh. Whatever.)

J: Of course! It's not like I'm busy or anything. Mail me anytime. (Great! Another jackass who I've to explain shit to!)

R: Brilliant. Hope to catch you online sometime soon. (Damn. How stupid does he think I am? I can google.)

On Twitter:
J: #nowplaying Verve - Lucky Man (What good does this Twitter thing do anyway? As if anybody would want to know what I'm listening to!)

R: Hey. I really like the Verve, especially this song :) (How bored am I? How bored is he? Ah looks like we are similar in very weird ways)

J: Oh hey, seems we have like really similar tastes. (And I thought I was the most jobless loser in the world. Somebody actually cared to reply!)

First Chat:
R: Hey! Are you busy? (Let me be nice. It is almost 1 am. We can't talk for more than 15 mins na?)

J: Nah, tell me. I have loads of time. (J, you pathetic fuck! Write the goddamn assignment. Deadline! Tomorrow! Morning! This chick ain't that interesting anyhow. WTF?)

R: Oh. What are you upto? I am really bored. What are you doing up so late? (Damn. What the hell, I am bored. Maybe some entertainment?)

J: Oh, well you know, this and that. I don't sleep that early usually anyhow. What you upto? (I don't want to do assignment. It's boring. Maybe she'll entertain me.)

Several Chats later:
R: Hey where have you been? I haven't seen you online in almost 3 days now. Getting that busy eh? (Thank God, he is online. Err wait, what? Why? Must not do this, now. Not good)

J: Been busy re. Work is killing me. (For a very distant friend, she IS very clingy. But hey, somebody to talk to. Good enough I suppose.)

R: I was wondering what happened. It has kinda become a routine eh? Seeing you online. (Gah. Do you realise how desperate you sound? Woman, get a grip on your self. Stop talking. NOW) 

Two/Three Months Later:
J: Whaddup? Oh wait, it's 11'o'clock. Did you take your medicine? (How can I talk to somebody so much, and still not have met them? God, she's one careless woman though!)

R: Give 2 mins. Sorry, ran to take my medicine. Thanks. I can be so careless. (He remembered :O Yay. Wait, what? Why am I excited about that? Focus! Calm!!)

J: Ah well, I'm renowned for remembering when people should take their pills. :) (WTF? That HAS to be the most retarded thing I said all year. Ah, not that it matters all that much anyway. I'm prolly not gonna run into her for a very very long time.)

R: Err.. Ok! So tell me do you know about that Mangalore thing? (Way to go. Couldn't find anything smart eh? I should just stop talking at times.)

J: It's in December. I'm going. You showing up too? Awesome! (Damn! She's gonna remember all the goofy things you said J! Now you're totally fucked. Should I try and deter her plans or something? Ah, what the hell? Why does it matter? She's just a friend after all!)

First phone call:
R: My net just gave up on me. (What? No Hi nor hello. Why the fuck did I call up? Think of an excuse. Think Think.)

J: Oh cool. So, er, you showing up at Mangalore then? (Why the hell is it so hard to talk to her? Yeah right! As if you're quite the Casanova with everybody else. She's just a friend. Deep breath, and act supremely cool!)

R: It is in December right? I aint too sure. College is being a complete bitch and it will only get harder. (Yeah. That is it. No plans to go there. There will be people you have never ever met. And go there and make a fool out of self, eh?)

J: Shit man! That sucks. Anyhow, me gotta run. Later! (Is this good or bad? True it might be awkward. But would've been fun to meet her! Why am I feeling disappointed?)

First meeting, December, Mangalore:
R: Hey. Finally we meet eh? (Why? Why? Why did I come? It isn't even an official trip. I am so going to regret this.)

J: Ha! You're not as short as I thought you were! (Seriously? That's the best thing you could think of to say? It's a shame even to be your alter-ego. You=loser. Thank God. Doesn't look like she's about to run away.)

R: Yeah. That makes me feel very nice. Thanks. How was your trip here? (Hey. This doesn't feel all that awkward for a first meeting. You don't know what kind of person he is. You better start thinking straight. He could be a psycho killer.)

Mangalore, 2 days later:
J: I'm so glad you came! Wouldn't have been the same without ya! (If you like her, tell her! You're drunk now. Worse comes to worst, you tell her you do this to all women when you're drunk!) 

R: I am glad too. Do you get so comfortable with every girl or is this just because you are drunk? (What? You didn't just say that. What the hell. He is not going to remember it tomorrow anyway.)

J: He he. Nope. It's just because I like you. (What? I was kidding! You actually did it, you piece of shit? She's going to SO hate you for this!)

R: Hmmmm. Same here. I didn't think I would say it so soon but I like you too. (What? He is drunk. You are not. Well you are a little. But that was so not needed.)

J: Er, ok. I'm asking you out. You game? (Sigh. I will stop speaking now. Haven't you seen James Bond movies? That is NOT how you ask a girl out you dick! *facepalm*)

R: Haha. Sure. I'm game. (Game? He says something stupid and then you go make it worse. This is sooooo not worth it. How do I make this stop?)

After quite a few weeks of fruitful 'relationship', one fine day:
J: You're going to the movie with friends kya? Who all? (I swear, this X guy is really getting on my nerves. Why can't he find his own girlfriend? He's gonna be there, I'm sure! Girl-stealer, masquerading as friend!)

R: Pata nahi. I don't feel like driving all the way. If X is giving me a lift, then I will go. (Why is he asking all these questions suddenly? I hate being asked and he knows that. I better try to keep my cool)

J: It's a bad movie anyhow. And why do you trouble him so much anyhow? Anyhow, me off now. Going to lunch with Y and Z. Those two also want to do some shopping later on it seems. Girls I say! :P (Easy! Even if you don't lose her to him, you'll lose her if you act like a friggin maniacal stalker! Back off! Now! Deal with it later!)

R: Yeah, I heard. Hence I aint too sure. Or we might just go for a drive. I haven't spoken to him in a long time. Where you people off to, eh? (Out with 2 girls? WTF! Why am I suddenly feeling so possessive? This can't be good.)

Few months later:
J: Is it imperative that you go to lunch with X? I don't think he's the kind that can be trusted! Oh, and did I mention he's a totaly dick? (Him again! God, this is getting out of hand! I'll explode!)

R: Listen, I have explained this a million times, he is my friend and we will end up spending a lot of time together. Just deal with it. It isn't like you don't go with friends, even if they are girls. Did I ever stop you from going out with X or Y? This is almost not worth all the fights. (Shit. I am going to lose my mind with all these fights. I should try and not get carried away. I always end up saying the wrong things. I need to let him know without making it a big deal.)

J: Alright fine! Let's not fight. (Easy now. You DON'T want to lose her now do you? Easy! Deal with it later!)

R: Ahoy boy. How was the day? Are you planning to write for this blog-a-ton atleast? (Yeah. We can't really fight about this right?)

J: *Lightbulb* Dunno. Wait, it's 'Hidden' right? You wanna co-author it? (Mua ha ha. I be the evil genius. Seriously, what would you do without me?)

R: You and me together? How is that going to work? But couldn't hurt, I suppose. (I am as it is outta ideas. As long as we don't end up fighting.)

J: Oh wait, just got an idea! How about, everything we kept 'Hidden' and did not say to each other? That would work now wouldn't it? (Sigh. Finally, she'll hear why that fucker X is a pain in the ass and why she should be glad to have ME around!)

R: Haan. Sure. Let's give it a try. But with a little creative freedom, ok? (I guess I found my chance to say everything I wanted. For once, I should let him know that I too am afraid of losing him and can get really possessive)

Right Now:
J: It's funny what all shit we've come through eh? (Sigh. We've taken too much shit. It'll take Superman with chaddi inside to take her away from me now. Why should I worry about some retard X! Enough now. No more.)

R: We are really weird, aren't we? So now, we have nothing hidden? (Man, this has been one hell of ride. But it has been just so worth it.)

J: Well, I doubt that is ever possible. But as long as we keep the Hyde hidden, we'll be alright. (.....)

P.S : This is very very loosely based on facts.
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Phantom said...

Woah woaah woah... I need to meet you two... Are you ll the same in person lik you are in this blog. I think not since thoughts are hidden..... Great post guys awesome awesome awesome

Richa Sharma said...

Though I have never met the two of you, the amount we chit chat, i feel i know you two really well. And that's y i could understand it n loved it !!!!

You guys are mad and totally crazy. But thats wat i like :)
The post was hilarious n so honest. I loved the asking out part :P

Kp it going guys. You rock together :)

Sharika said...

fun post..loved it :)

Tavish Chadha( said...

lol... loved it.. u have my vote... :)

Leo said...

it was a fun post! left me really confused at first read! :)

all the best for BAT!

Leo - Hidden

Sourav C. Pandey said...

This is super cute! Loved the transition! I more loved the thought in their minds.

I like the post, but couldn't relate much to 'hidden' here, felt it was just made to fit in to this story! love with me and life! :)

Scribbling Girl said...

The crazy couple are finally out in the open :D
this was one MAD journey of u both .
Love it like anything and u know how much ur story makes me smile always :)
Was fun reading and knowing more and more
Love ya

Tweety said...

awsome rash...i mean a part of this i already knew...but the idea was awsome...

i loved it :) :) :) u have my vote surely :)

Pooja Menon said...

Haha.. This was nice! Cute and sweet! I could actually relate to some parts in it! But must say, your post was the last but not the least :)

Ritu said...

ROFL! Honest, sweet, genuine! I love this post, and I love you both. All the best for BAT

Brijender Singh said...

Cheeky to the core,hilarious in every line.
And creates a connect in a very personal tone.
Really enjoyed reading it-will have to browse through more of your works !

- The Virgin Author! said...

A funny post! Genuine; could relate to some of the things! ;)

All the best for BAT!


RV said...

First of all, Thanks for reading this extremely long mail.. :D

@Phantom (Nish),
Most of the time we are like this. Haven't you seen twitter? :P

Err. Don't say you liked the asking out part. He'll just take more liberty to do such things in the future. :D (And by that I don't mean ask out other girls like this, I hope)

RV said...

@ Sharika
Thanks a lot :D

Yes! Atleast one in the bag. :P Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I guess it CAN get a little confusing because of the length!

RV said...

Thanks for the comment and the criticism. It wasn't really a forced attempt. But well, we loved writing it.

@Scribbling Girl (Nab)),
Totally MAD :D Absolutely. Hope we can write a lot more such posts together, eh?

RV said...

@Tweety (Shwe),
A part? I think you know most of it :D But thanks for the vote (of confidence)

Thanks a lot, girl. Yes, it was quite long. We were editing it forever!

RV said...

Aww thanks so much for the love :D

Thanks a lot. That was one praise-full comment.

@The Virgin Author,
Thanks. It was genuine and close to the truth as it can be :D

Deeps!! said...

aaah!! it becomes better when the hidden becomes the not-so-hidden anymore, right?? :)

loved it!!

Mahesh Kalaal said...

finally, a fun post....
enjoyed the hilarious 'hidden' conversation....

The Fool said...

A totally riveting narrative. Very interesting too see how romance develops in real life and a very humorously narrated. if I had been a bollywood producer I would have put my money behind your story.

nkr4068 said...

Hey..awesome thing! Loved the way it turned out..Good luck to both of ya! :D

Raksha Raman said...

Hello you two!

I'd have so regretted not reading this! Now I've something to vote for! This is such a lovely post! I just could not stop smiling! Start to finish it was pure fun! Good stuff! Cheers to the two of you! All the best with BAT! :)