Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oh you CAN smile!

I would be happy if I could just get those score.
I swear I will never be sad if I just landed that job.
Oh I need to land that promotion or I will never be happy.
I need more money.
I need more clothes.
I need those purple shoes (Those M&S ones....Sigh)
I need my brother to listen to me.
Why doesn't my bf understand me?
My bf doesn't love me. My life is over.
She is prettier than I am.
Why isn't he with me?

Isn't it easier to find reasons to unhappy and sad? Isn't easier to mope around in the corner of a dark room? Happiness is a fucking struggle. Happiness is a habit which very very difficult to acquire. I aint going to ask you to find happiness and have the sun shining out of your ass, but yeah, you aren't any fun to be around if you are going to sad all the time. I don't like to hear your sob stories all the time. It would be good to hear you cheerful as well.

So, once in a while, it isn't all that bad to stick a plastic smile and just go along. It may just make you feel better. Try it!


Scribbling Girl said...

Totally loved it :D
My life wd be so easier if i could follow this :)
Ironically we both wrote abt life today but diagonally opposite views :)
I am sure if our readers read both they will be majorly confused :P

But i would still urge them to follow u :)

Loved the post

Binny V A said...

I agree with you. Being happy is a choice.

Tweety said...

lol i wish...

yes its smehw easier to be unhappy rather than find sme reasons to be happy...

wel wel i ll keep that in mind and try it on...though as of now i am great with plastic smiles... :) :) though i even find these plastic smiles sad at times...but like u said worth the try...

Sharika said...

I HATE plastic smiles!!! It isn't easier to smile all the time but i rather be natural and go with the flow.. If you do see life is 80% happy 20% sad.. Most of the time we forget that :)