Monday, April 26, 2010

Mumbai Meri Jaan.

I have been thinking. Trust me, that is never ever a good thing. You know what happens when something that you believed in is not true. But I guess, it is a process of questioning the things that you believed in without any reason.

I believed that my city is an awesome place. But what makes it awesome? That is something I really can't say. It kills me to think that people think of Mumbai of being full of glamorous people or beggars. Mainly because I am neither. And that makes me feels that I don't belong here.

It is worse that my friends got their wallets stolen in the train and we had to file police complaints. This after telling one of my friends who is new to the city that Mumbai is one of the safest places.

When Mumbai got voted as the rudest city, I was appalled. I never have seen this city as rude. People always seemed eager to help me. But then as pointed out by someone, I haven't really spent enough time anywhere else to compare objectively.

What makes this place awesome? It is my home. It will always be special. That is reason enough for me, if not anyone else.

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Ankit Poddar said...

I guess what makes this city awesome are the perspectives it has on offer..

as you pointed out in your post, there are numerous ways to look at the city, the ways that confirm to the view of the outsiders to this city..

but then the ones living here (don't know if i should count myself in. okay i decide to count myself in, coz while i may stay outside, i LIVE in mumbai), mumbai is simply itself, not confirming to any of these perspectives.