Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Friday

So those who have absolutely no idea of what twitter is or what happens there, to such people, I would like to introduce the concept of #followfriday or #ff. Since people on twitter "follow" each other bcas they find them interesting, once a week, people refer to their followers, handles (or usernames) of interesting people they are following.

I, in my life have a lot interesting people. And unfortunately, they are all mine :) Keeping the pompousness aside, these are the people I love and wish you could know them as well as I do.

(Most handles are not real, if they are, I have linked them, you may want to follow them, they are awesome)

Akash (@sportsfreak/ @reddevil )

We have the same set of genes, wish we could fit into the same jeans.

Dad ( @dada_don/ @technN00b)

Loves to have all the latest gadgets. Can't figure them out. #epicwin for me and @sportsfreak.

Jr ( @jinxxedout / @tallboy )

Mean. Rude. Potentially scary. Affectionate. Misunderstood. Taken.

Nab( @MysteriousNabz/ @mypartnerincrime)

Most of the time, all she can say is "I know" and she always knows.

Nive (@purplenomad / @secretninja)

The secret ninja that is scared to cross the road. While not ninja-ing, she listens to me go gleeeee.

Neha (@secretkeeper / @levelheadedgirl )

The only reason I hate her is that she is in UK. She is the voice in my head in non-creepy way.

Paridhi ( @lostinBangkok / @ImissIndia )

Bhaji Dosa, Palak Cheese Dosa, her and me at Shiv Sagar - Picture complete. I miss her.

Preetam (@preetam_e / @lostandfound)

My lost and found friend. Though, he keeps getting lost every now and then, he is one hell of a listener. If he had a personal's ad, it would read "Loves long walks on the beach"

Shwe ( @peskychild / @laughingbuddhi)

Things she understand about me no-one can ever. Probably, one of few people who I let call didi and get away with small little things like these. Oh, we need a nice Kashmiri doctor for her. Applications open!


Preetam said...

Aww..this is really nice! :D just startd my day and it feels good :)

Jr. said...

Mean? Rude? Scary?? What Nonsense! :P

Rashi said...

@Preetam, Thanks a lot. I bet you thought a lot to write just that much, haina?

@Jr. I have to call you all of those to make you comment here :)

Tweety said...

mmuuaaahhh i loved it.... :) :)

mysterious gal said...

muaaaaazhs loved it :) and love being ur partner in crime :D :D