Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Imperfect Me

I baked a cake today. I read somewhere that a cracked cake is a good cake because it releases all the hot air from inside. I smiled and thought I am glad that I am cracked from somewhere. I am glad I aint perfect.

(Oh the crack was covered beautifully with cream.)

Here is a pic of it : (Honestly, I made it)


mysterious gal said...

Awww :)i love the cake :) looking at it makes me wanna eat :) bite please and a recipe too :P
And if what u say is right then i m glad i m cracked too :) perfect wd be boring isnt it :P

Richa Sharma said...

Yummilicious :D

You are imperfectly perfect n thts y we all like u :)

Tweety said...

no no i dont want to see :( i want to eat it :(

Anonymous said...

:) well said.