Sunday, April 04, 2010

Judge me not!

How often do we judge people? Don't you dare tell me that you don't. Of course you do. And it aint a bad thing. It is our way of be aware of people around us and we would be stupid if we didn't.

However, making an assumption about a person on the basis of a single incident is the worst kind of generalisation. What prompted this weird post are 2 sets of interaction with a particular someone on twitter.

1st incident happened a few days ago, when I tweeted, " It feels really nice and comfortable talking to a friend in Marathi."  Marathi happens to my mother tongue and the comfort of that can't be compared to anything else. It is like sleeping on your mother's lap. Secure!

Getting back, this random dude decides to tell me that I being like a particular someone (ahem) and was being a lingual racist. His replies to me regarding that got weirder and very very brash and not so subtle. I asked him to stop following me if things I said bothered him so much (I was being nice). He refused to cease till I said I would actually block him if he irritated me once more (no #chetanblocks jokes, please) He stopped!!!

Now the second incident. The same random dude happened to read my last blog post about MAD and says to me, " What a marvelous job you are doing. You are such a kind-hearted person. God bless you and your team."

His words mean zilch to me. But, look how his opinion of me changed with 2 sentences.  Now he has got me thinking. When was the last time I judged someone on basis on what he said or did? How many have I judged and not given them a second chance?


Scribbling Girl said...

Whether we agree or not. Its true we often do judge ppl based on a single incident.
I remember my ex making a generalized comment abt girls thinking +ve or -Ve based on a incident and having no neutral opinions.....i kept wondering and then seeing around i realized it was true for most my gal frnds.....
And then we started dating i realized....had i been stuff with something so biased i might have missed out on something beautiful....

Whatever might be said and done...fact remains...its not for notin ppl say first impression might be the last impression.

lifeisbetter said...

thought provoking for sure. It is one of those things that we develop latter in your lives... if you are introspective and critical of yourself.

Just before reading this, I had to write a mail to one of my sharp mouth colleagues, who spends no seconds to pass judgements...

Two things I wrote:
when you point one finger, the other four is pointing back at you.
Secondly, if your judgement is wrong (which is probable, as it was made hastily) then you lose credibility badly.