Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Open letter to whoever wants to read.

Dear Hipster- chick with a weary world view,

I am a Mumbai girl living in Chennai for the past 1.5 years. I read a post about Dally boys written by what I assume (because I just couldn't finish reading it) a South Indian girl. To bring it to the notice of that girl, things aren't exactly peachy in your side of the country.

I relate more to boys and always have. Maybe it is their calm nature or the fact that most boys don't give a flying fuck about what you think. But what is it with these Chennai girls?

1. If you sit in the girls' side of the bus (oh yea, an entire side reserved for women), you'll see that most women have the same exact hairstyle with the malipoo. Chennai is where fashion comes to die.
2. Polyester salwar kameez in Chennai weather. Enough said.
3. Chennai girls are known for their long flowy skirts come rain or shine, they do their part in keeping the roads of Chennai clean.
4. For a matriarchal family, they do give too much importance to their boyfriends. A girl in my class was asked by her boyfriend not to talk to any other boy in the class and since, she didn't listen, he joined the same course a year later.
5. Chennai is where feminism and hippie culture meet because no woman knows what it is to wax or thread.

On an unrelated to women but more about South Indian spellings (Since you want to talk about Delhi English), why can't you spell like the rest of the world does? Why do you sprinkle "h" on everything and insisted on pronouncing it even when h is mute (eg. honest is not hornest.)

Actually this is where it ends for me. Because your mornings maybe be broken but so is your world view. You might be from anywhere in South India or India, if you can't adjust to a city, leave. I stuck with Chennai and probably was the best thing ever.

(With loads of credit to Niranjan- @nichtEinheit)


Nimue said...

i like this !

Freelancer said...

i wrote one too...same city lol

Chandru said...

haha that was - what should i put here? - pointed and pricky? :P
sorry to buzz here this late, but that girl was actually a mallu not a chennaiite i guess - not that it makes much of a difference eh :P
awesome blog here :) some great inspiration ;)

Cleo said...

Loved reading this!