Friday, September 02, 2011

Broken smile

You there, laughing to yourself,
Yes, you, with sparkles in your eyes
And a laugh so infectious.
Pray, tell me,
what is it that amuses you.
That makes your face gleam.
Pray, tell me,
for finding a reason to smile
has been killing me.

It seems days have gone by,
Or, time has stood still.
A moment there,
and now, here,
with nothing at all in between.
Time has elapsed,
of that I am sure.
How and how much,
I know not.

My laugh is broken
My smile is gone.
Attempts are futile
to get them fixed.
Lost is the humor.
Missing the fun.
Something is gone.
I yearn for it.
Find it.
Return it to me.
Pray, tell me,
Where has my glee gone?

PS: Futile attempt. 


Anonymous said...

This was one of the most random, direct from heart, simple words post, that clearly reflected honesty, an attempt to weave scattered thoughts. Nice one, remove the word futile, for, nothing is best as randomness ! :)

Vernell Leider said...

Are you the one who wrote this poem? To whom are you dedicating this? I hope he/she can fix his/her broken laugh and smile once again.