Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review of Bru Cafe World, Juhu, Mumbai

Disclaimer : This is my first review. Be kind.

On 14th June, Friend and me decided to enter dripping wet into the Bru world cafe, Juhu. Located prominently close to Shiv Sagar opposite Ramada Plaza, it is not very easy to miss this place.

On entering, the place has a refreshing ambiance compared to the cafe chains we are used to. The place has 2 levels. The upper level is very dainty with just 3 tables. It has been decorated with interesting posters of coffee facts and books. I suppose they encourage sitting there and drinking coffee for a long time while reading (Ah, the dream) One of the best things in the decor was the wall art in the bathroom. It was refreshing to see a cafe give importance to the way a bathroom looks (and hence, hopefully the effectiveness with which it functions)

 This place has a lot of posters like this.
A part of the books on the shelves.

The menu looks to be a good mix of international blends, house blends, teas, smoothies. They also have interesting menu of desserts, that I must try someday soon.Things I am looking forward to try : Black pepper cheesecake, Choco Mocha cake, Tiramisu cappuccino, Basil Pesto bell pepper wrap and caramel cappuccino.

The staff were friendly but seemed a little clueless about the menu. When the friend asked about the french press, it took him a few probing questions to understand what we meant. They however were quick to recommend the Chicken Nizami Roll when asked. Their uniforms are smart and add to the charm of the place. Overall, better training could help this place.

Pricing seemed a little expensive for the international blends compared to other cafes but everything seemed pretty decently priced. After having an Americano, a roasted hazelnut cappuccino and chicken nazim roll cost us less than Rs. 250. Not bad, I say.

Getting to the specifics, I had the roasted hazelnut cappuccino and it was pretty nice. A very subtle flavour but a tad too sweet for me (but then, it is me) Friend had the Americano and said it was decent, he had better and worse. Nothing to brag about. The Nazim Roll was recommended for good measure. Not too heavy but delicious and quantity just about right for one person.

The review in less than 140 characters (for my awesome twitter feed): #review Bru cafe world, Juhu is refreshing in terms of decor and some items of the menu but the training of the staff might mar the cafe.


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