Monday, June 27, 2011

My Hero.

He just lay there.

He was never around much. But he retired soon. And then, I literally grew up with him. The more I think about him, the lesser I know. I remember him pacing up and down, all day long. He had so much energy.

Hence, it hurts just to see him lay there.

Tubes for fluids to go in. Tubes for fluids to come out. Body failing.

He worked too hard. His job required him to on his feet for 14-16hours a  day. He overworked.

Today, those legs have failed him. Walking himself to the bathroom is a task.

Where is my hero? Where is the man who taught me what patience and calm mind can achieve if only you are persistent? Where is that fighting spirit?

"Last week, I wasn't sure if he would pull through, but the improvement showed in the past 2 days gives me hope." The doctor interrupted my thoughts.

There, he was. My hero. Still fighting. Only now for life.

Stay strong. 


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Heroes. Are heroes forever. This touched something in me. :)