Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pain is addictive

An old acrostic. (What is an acrostic? Read this)

Part of me, it is now.
An indestructible part,
Indifferent, I have become,
Nonetheless, to your presence.

I am no longer me.
Slave to pain, the feeling of being alive.

Alive from the passive death.
Death, the slow death from the pain
Death, unlike the death of my happiness.
It is not unlike the blood flowing from a
Cut on my arm. Painful. But
Therapeutic. It screams aloud,
I'm alive. Unlike my broken heart
Veins throb. I revel in 
Elixir of life: Pain.

Self injury is a serious issue. Read this first hand account.

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TurbulentMind said...

Lovely. And love the acrostic :)