Saturday, March 12, 2011

Multitask much?

At this precise moment, I have my notes open, I have the cricket match on, I have twitter on, I am chatting with a friend via text messages and with another via BBM. I think there might be a lag of a second or 2 in my response time, otherwise, I am really good at multitasking.

Soon 3g shall be common in India and if the reliance Ad is to be believed, I will be able to "mix my worlds". For a compulsive multitasker like me, it is good news eh?

Now, that just makes me wonder. I was writing an exam that day. 2 hr long. The idea of not doing anything but writing an answer after another is scary. I need to be constantly bombarded with information. I need multiple things to need my attention. I strive on such chaos. In the exam hall, I sing to myself to keep me distracted. I make plans in my head and sometimes, even have conversations. (Yeah, I might be schizo)

But I wonder if it is just me. It is something that I do because of my habits (hence, I can change it) or is it my personality (Will need hard work but changable) or do many of us face this (still changable but a lot of changes will have to be made). What do you think? What is it?


krist0ph3r said...

i think it's habit. i used to be like that too, but after i trashed my phone i was forced to single-task.

i brought a new phone today...let's see how long it takes for my old habits to return :)

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