Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why is it so difficult to follow the rules?

I would hardly call myself, a rule follower. But I am not stupid. If something is for my benefit, I will do it, irrespective of whether it is rule or law. I wear a helmet while riding my scooty. I carry it around almost everywhere I go even though it is a mild convenience. I wear it even when my friend rides it and I sit behind. Hey, just because she is riding doesn't mean I can't get hurt.

But whenever I do so, my classmates make weird jokes of how I wear a helmet when I am riding just a scooty. I mean, come on. Thankfully, I don't know enough Tamil to get the jokes and have a head upon my shoulders to know how to switch things off. But I get it. I know why people are careless, even though they know better. I know why they choose to gamble than be safe. I know.

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