Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who is to blame?

I had my first penology class today (Oh yeah, that is what my subject is called). It is basically the study of curbing of crime and criminal behaviour in a society.

So while discussing theories of punishment, Professor asks who is to blame for the fact that most crime goes unpunished. Easily all of us, starts with the Law enforcement. Funny how it is easy to blame others for everything. Most crime infact is hidden crime, meaning it never gets reported in the first place.

I know the Indian judicial system leaves a lot to be desired but then, we are a part of it too. It is upto us to set the ball rolling. Don't be afraid to report crimes and be witnesses. Push your cases further and DON'T BRIBE.

I believe that when we bribe, we lose our right to complain about corruption. When I pay Rs. 20 to a traffic hawaldar, I really can't complain about umpteen crores being swindled by someone. I was a part of it and I can't complain.


Tweety said...

hmmm i so agree with you. Corruption is a vicious circle and starts at the very basic level...and when we blame the upper bureaucrats...we must remember it started from our level only...sigh..

Chandana said...

Just came across your blog...

Unfortunately we do that very rarely... we are ever so ready to blame others, that we forget to think if, what we are blaming them for, is something that we have done too!
Recently wrote something similar in my blog... about what hypocrites we all are..!!