Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of not too long ago.

I have been looking at pictures of little more than a year ago. I wanna go back. Not to that place or the time but to that frame of mind. Of the non-muddled self. Of the confidence and of the craziness. Of the surety and the self belief. Of the "bring it on" attitude.

I hate this helplessness, this apathy and this lethargy I have brought upon myself. It is a phase and this is too will be over. But I am afraid, it won't be over soon enough.

Get done with it already.


Someone Is Special said...

I still remember the first time I visited you, "What if" after that lost track of the blog. Now back again after IndiMeet.. Happy to meet you in IndiMeet.. Here is my writeup on IndiMeet, Wow! What a day!

Someone is Special

Richa Sharma said...

hey Rash! i dont want this from you. You are the girl who faces the whirlwinds, falls, gets up and slaps it hard out of your way.
I agree this is a phase, but sweety, it's all in the mind. This phase did come, but it's over.
Wake up!!

Scribbling Girl said...

Hey sweetheart....this is not how u will me u can let all go in seconds....and u will handle this phase in seconds wdnt take long because with u it me...

Loads of hugs >:D<

krist0ph3r said...

yeah, i remember there was a time when i was awesome too. but it's been so long, that i can't even remember enough to wish i could go back!