Monday, December 13, 2010


I loved limits in Math at school. It was always tending to something without really being it.

X ---> 0 But,
X is not = 0.

That is how the world seems right now. Everything feels as if without being. Routine has set in and days whoosh by and actually make that whoosh sound while they pass.

This one year. This one freaking year is almost over and what a year it has been. Ups, downs, downs, dumps and ups and let's see where the rest of the days take me.

It is all about stretching your limits,
It is all about reaching for the skies,
Standing on your tip toes,
Spreading your hands, wide,
Reaching for that which is high above.

That which is not within you reach,
Yet in sight,
That which tempts and teases,
From oh so far away,
With their eyes fixed upon yours.

Fatigue enters the limbs,
Creeping into the core of the soul,
Give up? Give in?
And let the horizons be,
For they are nothing, but a mirage.


AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...


Margaret Bednar said...

You captured a feeling, a journey not over, I hope. A little rest, and the horizon will seem attainable again? Wonderfully done.

Scribbling Girl said...

I tht I posted a comment....neways

Love the poem truly <3

The yr thats passed was such a disaster for me that ne yr will be i looke forward.... hope its great for all :)

Tweety said...

Oh I so agree...i hate I really matter how much I learnt...if given a choice between being ignorant or the lessons life gave me this year...i think I would chose being ignorant..

you sound tired but I know u ll gain the enthu back again..u always do...atleast I hope so..

teacup said...

You echoed my feelings :)

Mary said...

You can actually hear the days 'whoosh' as they go by, and x is not o...
I really like this. Thank you.