Friday, November 26, 2010


I am a little fucked up in the head.
Just a little, I swear.
I do things, I shouldn't
And never regret them.
I live in my head, dreaming
And thinking all the time.
I love it that way.
I live in my lala land where
everything is my way.
Why should I bother changing then?
When I have the perfect world
You only wish you had.
It ain't real, you say.
Look in my head, I retort,
Everything is as real as
Real can ever be.


Tweety said...

ahaaan :D perfect...i love the last line of every poem of yours...somehow it says the real as real can be..nicely put :)

Scribbling Girl said...

WOW so damn perfect :) I was little intrigued by the title ....but this is what schizophrenia is abt ....but imagination is always perfect :)

Sharika said...

LOVED it!...beautiful..

Phantom said...

am catching this late. I know you pinged me this but at that moment i was in my schizophrenic state too :p so missed it.

Nethra said...

Even I live in a dreamland. It's better and pleasing to live there.

Nice poem! :)

Dishit D said...

wow! - really liked it! can relate a lot with this :)

Kaber Vasuki said...

But if you know you are a schizophrenic, doesn't that make you not one. Or something.