Monday, October 18, 2010

What else can I say?

I am just plain tired. Of a lot of things. I feel like cribbing and complaining but I really don't have any concrete to say.

I had a wonderful weekend and I should feel happy and nice right? But no.

My Indiblogger rank fell drastically and I am irritated that I don't blog. Well, that is mainly because I have nothing to say. I miss those days where I used to blog everyday but I mainly miss the fact that I had something to say.

It isn't like shit isn't happening. It has and it has been hitting the fan too. But I just sigh and clean it up and then the next day, more shit hits the fan.

Most days, I feel like a zombie. Go to college and back. That is it.

What more do I want? Isn't this how it is supposed to be? I hated drama when it happened and now, it feels bland.

Trust me, when I say, drama has been happening but I just feel the need to blog about it.

Is this what growing up feels like?


Sharika said...

its a phase.. but yeah growing up and working on your own is pretty bleh coz grown up world is that way.. but u can find joy and madness there too.. i suggest dancing naked helps.. if not in u r room may b in u r bathroom :P

nkr4068 said...

Pretty idle condition i guess!! Loved the new theme n outlook of the blog!

Vivek Nanda said...

Trust me its just a matter of time, remember this- once a blogger is always a blogger ;)..And you care about the ranks, the traffic and the fans so I'm sure you will be back with a BANG!!

Tweety said...

hmmmm happens all the time isn't will blog don't know i have realized no matter how sucked up things are in our one point of time each block fall in its own place...time is the answer to all..

Writer Abhilash said...

At least your are realizing and committing that you are doing injustice with your blog.. that is much... Dont worry abt indirank... who are they to decide abt ur talent and blog? If ur readers r happy thats the ultimate rank.. never write for rank.. write for your readers and frnds... bas... I do the same.. and I never get affedted with the Rank I get...