Sunday, August 22, 2010

To you.

Dear I can't name you here,

I really don't understand our relationship. We are mutually dependent and yet you seem so distant. I left my city, my life, my friends and came to your city and the least I expect is a little bit of understanding.

I don't know why but every time I argue with you, I feel guilty. I feel like I'm betraying you. I wonder if you feel the same when you make random demands from me. I have my limits too. I know you say that ours should a relationship of adjustment. But why can't you just play by the rules? You say this is a bad world with no rules, let's make our own rules. Look around you. There are laws and there basic ways to behave, why can't you for once understand me?

Maybe I am spoilt and want you to do better. Is that so wrong? You can be better and it will help you and me. I am here but for 2 years. With you, close to you. Please make this time as memorable and pleasant. At the end of these 2 years, I wont be here and who knows where you'll be. Our relationship will never be the same. All we'll have is memories. Let me go back with happy ones.

Oh dear Chennai rickshaw drivers, listen to my plea, will you?

The girl new in your city.


Scribbling Girl said...

I love the twist in the end :D
People read the post thinking its for someone and the twist ...Just amazing :D

Niv said...

Seriously, I agree with Scribbling girl's comment. I thought it was for someone in the beginning and then i read the ending. :D

DeeSee said...

Hehehe. Cute post. Loved it.

Richa Sharma said...

While i was reading the post, the lines on my forehead got deeper and i had a frown on my face. And then i read the last line and then re read the entire post and couldn't help laughing on myself.
Awesome :)

Leo said...

LOLZ :D what a twisht in the end PC! hope they read n understand and u both have a great relationship in the future ;)

Take care! :D

shallu said...

hahaha... Funky yaar. I like this. I must spread this blog to my friends.

nkr4068 said...

Now that's amazing! :D i was like in a condolence mood, and i had to read it from the first just to get out of the shock!

Nice one! n ...hope u have a nice tym, in the rickshaws :D

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Sharika said...

hhahaha..gud one :)

RV said...

Thank you thank you, everyone. I am so happy that I can actually be funny!

Americanising Desi said...

praying for everything to become A ok!