Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bloody leech

Dearest blood sucking leech,

Before I say anything, let me tell you that I really really don't like you. Hate might be too strong an emotion to waste on you. Let me remind you that you are sucking off from the work and hard work that I put in. It is my dedication and my complete devotion that you have stolen off. Don't you have an ideas of your own?

We were supposed to be partners but who does the things that you did and are doing? I wish there was a way, I could get out of it and trust me, I will find a way. It is just that I am too busy putting my efforts elsewhere, trying to make me a better person that I didn't bother with you. But now, I see you and I shall take you down. Somehow.

All said and done, I think you are doing a great job but you really didn't need to steal and leech. Hope you get the point and either stop or I will have to stop you..

Yours truly.

Ps: When I say "I", I mean "We" and when I say "you", I mean "you all".


Binny V A said...

That's quite angry. Now I'm waiting for the mushy post.

Tweety said...

hmmm i havent met such leeches so don't know them really...but then i agree your rewards should not be stolen by someone else...

Vishal Raj said...

Hey Angry Young Woman, RV, why are so pissed off ?? Cool it. :)