Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rant- 1

Today, I realised that I have there are people who love me. Some people who will stick by me no matter what. People who care for me just because I am me. I can screw up, completely change or whatever, they will still love me and care for me.

It is because of such people that to the rest of the world, I can say, bring it on! It is because of them, I can look fear in the eye. Even with hundreds of responsibilities, I feel weightless. It is surprising that when I am feeling low, I always seem to ignore them.

Rule : Must not ignore those who love you. Care should be a 2 way street as much as possible.

Submitted to  3WW : Weightless, ignore, fear

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Saurangshu Kanunjna said...

Rashi, one reason why we tend to ignore the people who love us the most at times is coz we take it for granted that they will always be there...... Which to a certain extent is wrong....

We are what we are coz they have stood my us always... :)