Monday, May 31, 2010


It was 1 am when she left work. She got into the car. She checked the mirror. Her makeup was perfect as was her business suit. Not a crease anywhere. It was perfect. Perfection is what she aimed for. In her work. In everything she did. She started the car. It didn’t start. Once again. The car had given up on her. Just like her life had. The fuel tank was empty just like her house, her heart.

There was no point in trying to start the car now. She decided to walk home. She started walking. It started to rain. DAMN. She cursed under her breath. But did she have a choice? Her heel broke. Double DAMN. She picked her shoes in her hand.

Frustration and irritation creasing her forehead. Within her, yet, there was streak to make things perfect once again. All she had to do was reach home. She challenged the rain, “Try all you want. I will get home. SAFE.” She laughed and thought loneliness had gotten to her. Did she just talk to the rain? Hmm.

As she walked, she didn’t feel the dread you feel walking barefoot on a lonely road on a rainy day. She felt liberated. As each drop touched her body, she felt a sense of serenity, a calm feeling like that of a lover’s touch. She felt her makeup melt away. She felt her mask peel away. She felt naked. She felt like her. As her eyeliner was getting washed away, she felt her vision clearing up.

She felt free. Free from responsibilities. Free from having to keep up. Free from demons within. She saw the dust covered leaves being cleansed by the rains, being liberated by the weight of the un-needed. She felt the same weight being lifted off her. She was herself again. Once again ready to take on the world the way as herself, the way she was, not what she had become!

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Nabila said...

wow perfect :)
Perfect story for perfect picture...
Love love love it :)

nkr4068 said...

Beautiful piece of writing! Loved reading it..

RV said...

@Nabila and Nkr4068 - Thanks!

Amity said...


A very beautiful story!

Sometimes we just want to free ourselves of all those sad feelings and getting drenched in the rain is just perfect!

I guess everyone loves being soaked in it!

See you again next week at Thursday Tales!

Sharika said...

loved the picture.. you started off her being a perfectionist and suddenly her life is all crap.. transition wasnt smooth there..theme is good.. BUt i feel you can write this one better..