Friday, December 11, 2009

Return of the ranter

There is this person I follow on twitter who has taken to posting almost everyday in his blog and I'm envious. I wish I had a life so full of colour that I could write about it everyday. Actually I'm envious of what I used to be a few months ago. Those of you who followed me to wordpress from blogger would agree that I used to be quite the blogger. Sense or senseless but there used to always be something to read. Interesting or not.

Life, as of now, has become quite dull. And there isn't much to be done except for my absolutely MAD class! (which reminds me I have to take printouts for class)

At other times, I get these wicked ideas of doing things but the lazy me can never get my ass of this damn bed and get working. But, today, I declare is the end of the lazy era. Get to work, I say! Er, what work? Find one, first, I guess. To be making a list, what are things I always wanted to do? Now, that I have the time, shouldn't I be doing those? Ah, finally a positive twist on things. Damn, why do I get energy in the middle of the night?

Fine, to making the list then. I do need to learn cooking. I can't even make a cup of tea. Damn! Ok so,

1. Learn to cook.

Maybe I can better my french. 3 years of it college and now, I have forgotten it all. So lets try not to forget. I should get the old text book out. Hmmm so, now we have

2. Better french skills (la langue, s'il vous plait)

Damn damn, how could I forget?

3. Study that GRE material much much more seriously!

I wonder if this is enough. If not I have a lot of movies to catch up on and learn how to use the LAN services that my darling cable net has provided. Basically, I need to get a real life. Get out of this virtual life. Sigh! I wonder if I will ever keep these up. Well, lets be optimistic atleast while we are starting :P

Oh yeah, this marks the return of the ranter!


Shas said...

Night's the best time when i can work in peace and actually that's the time when my grey cells are active the most. Your post reflects a lot what i have been thinking all these days. If u feel that your daily life is boring then spice it up a bit, look around and maybe u will find enough stories to write.

Rohan said...

Sense or senseless

Senseless actually, i ll vouch for that :p j/k

Yeah real life is outside the internet, real people, real events and real wars and not status messages and mafia wars :P:P

If super mario had to cross 7 worlds in real, he would probably say 'fuck the princess' i am going drinking :D


Psych Babbler said...

Hehe...I can relate to getting energy in the middle of the night ---used to happen when I was at uni. No longer the case tho!

And I learnt French for 3 years as well...but don't remember much of it!! :P

And yes, you probably need to get out into the real world. After a month of Nablopomo in November, I realised I was too entrenched in the virtual world and I had to lessen my posts in December --- balance is the key!! :D

Nabila said...

woah, i m glad the ranter is back :)
i know i have disappeared (after my blog did months back :P)
but i will be back in a month ( dont know abt the blog still :P)
But i want the ranter in you back gives me spirits forever :D
And teach me some french too and i have to learn it too :D
i m in the real world and i realize u can do things only in it :P u follow me :P

Missed u honey and still do
Love ya

aparna said...

are you planning to go abroad?