Friday, December 04, 2009

Lost or found?

Standing in front of the mirror,

I look, I wonder,

Has something really changed?

I talk and try to understand

What people have to say,

Have I truly changed?

So much that people

Recognise me no longer?

Used to be you,

No longer as you were,

Is all I hear over and over again.

Is it really so?

What and who has changed?

I feel and think no different,

Maybe people perceive different?

There has lot that has change,

I disagree with it not.

Part of growing up,

Have I lost what I used to be?

Or is it that I found what I'm?

Did I lose the uniqueness?

Did I find the calmness?

Did I mature? Or

Did I just lose my innocence?

Each day, this confusion grows.

Answers I seek, but none I find.

Muddled and confused,

Ignore everything, should I?

Questions are aplenty,

Answers, none.

I am what I am today,

I was what I was, yesterday.

I shall change throughout

and so shall you.

I shall evolve and with me,

Maybe you will too.


Rohan said...

Yep, You have truely changed :(
But but i still recognise you !!
U r till chubby cheeks, dimple chin .....!!:P j/k

Questions which have no answers are classified as irrelevant, not important and
glu glu glu glu too !!!

Bhuli javanu :D

Problems teach u how to tackle the next one :)

Super Mario has to pass 7 worlds to rescue his princess :P

Cheers, have fun !

Ps: Su che su che..mane kai dyo ma su che ?? :P

Matangi said...

Good one!!! :) Ain't we all wanna know just the same thing?? Nice flow..

Nabila said...

Beautiful and so true!
Isn't life all about losing and finding!
Wish we knew what was great finding through experience or unability to retain certain things in us!
amazing flow and so true ...Sigh!

Rebel said...

I was here, finally :)

psychedchick said...

"Super Mario has to pass 7 worlds to rescue his princess "

Only you can come up with something like this and maybe after going to UK now you wont recognise me... After all our Goa plans have to materialise naa?

psychedchick said...

Did you notice how the pic associated with yr name is perfect?

psychedchick said...

Thanks Nab, as always!

psychedchick said...

Thanks a lot :D Yes, I guess we all do!

tushar said...


eXe said...

Well written. I miss blogging a lot. Would plan to write something soon.

psychedchick said...

Thanks :D

psychedchick said...

You commented on my blog :D :D Wow... To what do I owe this great pleasure?

Dev said...

This is the first time I am visiting your blog and I must tell you that I am impressed.
Your words have a sort of flow (just like water) in them and yes, we all change...dont we?? ;-)
Stagnation is not to be our fate.

Ananya said...

Hmm...wish i didnt change...

psychedchick said...

We all change and sometimes, most of the times, for the good.