Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The half

We met but for a brief time.
We parted with sorrow sweet.
Promises of once again
Deep within us.

Far away you are.
Close to my heart,
there is, though,
A small piece of you

A half of what you carry,
A half of what you touch
Each day like you
Touched me once.

I hold it close to myself
Trying to relive each moment
Hoping that some day
I will hold you just as close.

That bit of you protects
and cares for me.
Supports me when
I'm down. It is you.

It is what I cling to
When Im scared.
It is what I clench
When I'm afraid. It is you.

One day, finally,
We will be together again
The halves around the necks
Will be one just like us.

Written for OSI


shweta said...

woah rash...gr8...

i hope so too...that one day you ll be one..

Leo said...

beautiful Raash.. so nicely written! gr8!! :)

i second Tweety ji in her second part of comment!! :)

Anurag said...

Awesome post :)...nicely expressed

Rashi said...

Amazing Rashi... beautifully written!!!! u r so so good!!!

Maverick said...

I already told u....Its wonderful....beautiful with a deep penetrative feel dat touches da soul......getting back to old ways are we! dis is one comeback dat feels so very good! :)

tc! keep up da awesome work!

Prats said...

beautiful :)

patti said...

beautifully written~

psychedchick said...

What do I say as a reply to this comment now?

psychedchick said...

:D What can I say except thanks a lot :D

psychedchick said...

Thanks Leo :D As always, thanks :D

psychedchick said...

Wow.... Thanks...Me blushing :D

psychedchick said...

One word that sums it up ? :P Thanks!

psychedchick said...

Comeback I dont know but yeah, I feel welcomed for sure :D

psychedchick said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Nabila said...

Well i told u many times...sighs and bigger sighes!
Wishes of a whole and not half a heart!
I wish it for u as i wish for all!
Amazing :)

SandyCarlson said...

A wonderful contribution to OSI this week. Thanks.

Kushal said...

I wish we could have you publish these sometime. As a big huge journal.

Amazing sales I forecast \m/ \m/

Rohan said...

So true,
So beautifully said.
Right from the heart

Rohan said...

Yes, one day we shall be together again,
One day we shall go for a movie again,
One day u shall throw a party at tungas again,
yes i ll take care of u too,
take care that u dont bang the car door,