Sunday, June 03, 2012

Blank pages

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There was an accident 6 years ago that had damaged Simran's vocal chords. She was 2 then. The house that was waiting to be filled with the laughter of a child was left waiting.

Simran's parents were not the kind to give up. They taught her to write and write she did. She wrote hello when she met a new person and shoved the book in their faces. She learnt to write before anyone her age, she had to.

Soon, Simran could be found at parks and museums scribbling away on her notebook, she would then run home and show it to her parents. They would discuss art and books and music. Nothing slowed Simran down. Until one day when a regular checkup, the doctor revealed that maybe a small operation could fix Simran's voice. Her parents were hopeful but they saw the fear in Simran's eyes. They asked her to write whether she still wanted to go ahead with the surgery. The page had a lone 'Yes' written on it.

The day of the operation came and it went. Nothing really has changed, Simran's zeal for life continues, you can still find her in parks and museums running back home waiting to share her discoveries and ideas to her parents. What is hard to miss is the look of happiness in her parents' eyes when they see the blank pages that follow the 'Yes' in the notebook.

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PS : Writing after a really long time. Be nice? 


The Fool said...

A really out of the box interpretation of blank pages. Nice to see you back on Blog-a-ton after so many years. You were the reigning champion during my first blog-a-ton back in 2010.

Richi Baidwan said...

Such a simple and beautiful story. I Don't know what else to add!

Kudos :)

toadstools said...

Thumbs up. Cute

Apala Sengupta said...

a sheer beauty...! heart warming! absolutely loved it! :)

Shashiprakash Saini said...

Wow just awesome
i was searching for the 3rd post to vote and my search end here
short and sweet post

jaish_vats said...

Short,Simple and Beautiful. Good One!

Rajrupa said...

Like like like!!

Kappu said...

A niceeeeeee write :)

Cheers!!! do stop by my blog, Kappu

aativas said...

Wonderful story :-)