Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family secret

Dear you,

It is difficult to pick up the pieces, isn't it? Especially since the person who always seemed to make things better is the one who has broken us? Glass, you see, is a very weird to make a heart out of. What was God thinking? It is strong, no doubt. But something strong makes it weak. And once it does break, it never recovers. It remains weak and susceptible throughout. Yet we love. Knowing very well, how it going to be. That we might get hurt. Yet we love. Do you know why?

I have family secret to tell you. I discovered sometime back and I think it is time to share. We are special people. Not special like the special Olympics. But special like we don't have normal hearts. Some hearts are made of glass and some of bone. Hence, they break and become vulnerable. We have hearts of metal. Strong but meltable. They melt under the right conditions. But once we build it back, it becomes strong. With each hit, it becomes stronger.

And hence, we love fearlessly. Because we know that nothing can break us. We get stronger, here now. Just stronger. But we always do remain stupid in love. :D

(Written for the cousin)