Thursday, September 24, 2009

I wanna be a superhero!

It isnt a secret that I want superpowers. Na, I dont want to fly or be invisible (though it would be fun to sneak up on some people in their bedrooms :P) I want to either be able to travel through time and space or be able to read people's mind. I cant decide which.

What will I do with these superpowers is what Cho asked me, tonight! I will blog about it, I told him. He just smirked as usual.

What will I do if I had the ability to read people's minds? I would not have to ask , " So how does this make you feel?" One of the most important question as a psychologist. Ok, jokes apart. I would love to know what people are thinking when I'm talking to them. People can be all nice to you on your face but history has proved that people are anything but nice behind your back. Or  at least there are quite a few people like that. I truly, genuinely lack the ability to differentiate between those who love me with all their hearts. Made a zillion mistakes this way. Maybe this will spare my heart some ache.

The second power is more special, at least to me. Not only does it let me travel to any place right now but also into the past and the future. Smart,  eh? Place-wise, there are a 100 friends that I would love to visit (1 in particular) There is this one place I would love to go to sleep every and each day but alas that place is really far away from where Im right now. There is this one place I would love to rush to when I hear I miss you. There is this one face I would love to see as soon as I wake up.

Time-wise, I would love to re-live each of the limited time I spent with my mother. Maybe I could tell her to not listen to that stupid doctor and take a second opinion. I would tell those dumb doctors to take the right decision and not the one that killed Pachi (my aunt). I would right so many wrongs made.

I know all the time-space continuum shit but it doesnt cost to dream, does it?


Nabila said...

wow this was such a beautiful post i have ever read!
And this so reads like what i want!
Wish i could space travel anywhere anytime then i would come to one place at this very moment :)
I can't tell you how much i love this post :)
Its great :)
Keep taking me to the dreamland forever i wanna go too ...doesnt cost much after all :)

krist0ph3r said...

reading peoples' minds is overrated...if we could, we would stop being human!!! :(

as for time travel...yeah, that would be neat. not in my hands though. i might use it to take over the world in one of my moods :D