Thursday, July 26, 2012

The serial masturbator

This post starts with 4 stories, all true, all connected because of an incident, one of them mine
Story A : Girl A is travelling by a cab. She is rushing to meet friends for dinner, she is late. She, finally reaches and while on the call consoling her friends that she will be there in 10 seconds, attempts to pay the driver. She hears him mumble. She asks him to repeat. She realises that he had asked her to join him, she realises in horror that he has unzipped his pants. She looks around to see if there is anyone around. She still needs her change back. She is shocked to reply or react and he zooms off.
Story B : Girl B is going to college by train. She is alone in the first class compartment in the middle of the afternoon, meaning she was the only one around. A school boy enters and sits across her when he has the entire compartment. He starts a conversation, she has her headphones on. He touches her, maybe to get her attention, she jolts. She is uncomfortable and moves to stand near the door. He follows, attempts to  touch her again, she yells at him. He goes back and within her visual range and unzips his pants. She is shocked to respond and react. The train stops, she walks off.
Story C : Girl C is travelling in the rick. She is busy looking at her phone when suddenly the rickshaw stops, she look around for a reason for it to stop. She realised with a shock that he was stroking his penis in the middle of a road in broad daylight. She creates a huge hue and cry and manages to get the attention of a cop who intervenes only because she refuses to let the issue go. She walks off knowing that she did what was right. 
Story D : Girl D, a 15 year old was walking home one evening. A man on a cycle, stopped and asked her for directions. While she was reading the address on a paper, he held her hand and she realised that he was stroking his penis with the other hand. She was shocked and pushed him and ran. She reached home and cried. 
What do these stories have in common?
A man/a boy who couldn't keep it in his pants. And then they say we dress slutty or that women asked for it.
As I mentioned before, one of these stories is mine and having that happen to you is the worst feeling ever. Being reduced to a mere object. I thought I was the only one, that this was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, it isn't.
What makes these men so bold? How do we as women react to these situations? How do we as a society put a stop to these? 


Nimue said...

It happened with me and i was so shocked and felt bad too for going alone for a walk. even if it was 7 am in the morning ! Its the shock that blocks further thought and action. baad me socha ki ek patthar utha ke maarti us auto wale ke sar par !

Firoze Shakir Photographerno1 said...

It is the sad case of of death of traditions values and upbringing.. even good kids from good homes flash in public.. we are a sexually repressed nation of Apes ..

Nice blog .. take care

Vivek Rastogi said...

oops ! really this is truth.. society should have to change our mind not dress..

Richa Sharma said...

Are these men told that their dick is an object of beauty to be flaunted? Or it can be used to attract women?

I do not even know if sex education is the solution. Why in our society women are told that their specific body parts should be covered while men can open their fly anywhere to pee or few perverts create such stories.

Is Castration a solution? After all, if you cant handle it, get rid of it!

Shobhit said...

Hello. Came to your blog through Indiblogger. Nice blog.

About this post, I think the very reason why these men get so bold is because somewhere they think they know that the girl will be shocked and just run away as if she's the one who is guilty. And this ignites their crooked sense of sadistic superiority even more.

Though I understand how shocking it can be, but it would only teach them a lesson if the girl replies with a stone or anything available at hand so that the guy doesn't have any answer when he's asked about his bleeding forehead after reaching home.

Do keep writing.

Roshan said...

its a sorry state of indian mentality.. my friends too, living in a womens hostel, had to put up with pervs literally flaunting their wares outside the girls windows.. they will get away. they are so confident of that...
i dont know what action would deter them unless the public comes to their support.

AmitAag said...

..they are mentally sick, they are counselled in developed societies but I'm sure a solid thrashing by public is what they deserve to cure them forever!!

saikat mbka ghosh said...

Well your shocking post "Title" drew me to read your blog post and was even more shocked after reading these horrifying incidents.....but i can assure you not all men are safe...and as u did always raise yr voice dnt ever be intimidated by nyone..
"women u r infinite , u r divine...
u r d ones that help this world shine...."

Sneo said...

this kind of thing has been happening for decades and you have been so brave to write about it. Good!
I have no clue what is the best way to handle but from the comments above, i definitely support replying in a physically assaulting way. Worth letting a male (not man or human) know how to behave in a society

Lazy Pineapple said...

What a horrifying experience. I have heard from friends about such a thing happening.
These days you can actually click a picture of this person and report it to the police. All women should carry a pepper spray to fend of such monsters..

Eternal Rebel said...

Such pervs should be publicly shamed so that next time they think twice before doing so. Other than that I can only express helplessness and shame on part of my gender.

Capt. Namz said...

happened to me and my friend , we were walking down on one saturday afternoon , down a lonely road. suddenly i noticed a guy with cycle was standing right in the middle of the road and stoking his "joystick of pride". since, it is rainy season we both were carrying umbrellas.. and with that we started running towards him,he was scared out of his mind and started on his cycle, and we would have caught up with him if not a woman and her child wouldn't have come in between.
Anyways the crux of the matter is, I don't know what makes these people so bold, neither do I know how this thing can be stopped. but , this I know,after these situations, u scare the person, or hit or cause damage rather than being damaged yourself, you will fell better. so never walk away without causing damage to those B******S.