Thursday, May 17, 2012

Luci and I aren't all that different, you know.

Luci is my dog, if you didn't know. And she is quite a special little thing. Even though I have called her brain damaged, I don't mean special in that way.

So Luci is probably the most docile dogs, you'll know. A little hyper at times but never will bite you unless it is playfully and you are Shruti or me. One nasty habit Luci has is that when we take her down for a walk, she likes to egg bigger dogs. Generally, she never ever even looks in the direction of another dog but just sometimes, she will pick a fight. Shruti and I think that she knows that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it because we are always there to protect her. Nothing will ever hurt her.

I think the same about my dad.


krist0ph3r said...

awww, <3

do you really test your dad like that?

RV said...

Yes, I think.