Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why curly hair girls will rule the world?

I read this blog post by BZiB and I knew that I had to write a post about why girls with curly hair will rule the world.

Do you have curly hair? Then, you already know why. Reason 1 is simple. We are more tolerant of bad days. When you have curly hair, invariably every other day is bad hair day, we are used to it. We know things will get better and that some days are just bad.

Reason 2. We are used to dealing with unruly flyaways. Curly hair gets frizzy and then, we have to manage it somehow. Sometimes, it works, sometimes, we just let things be.

Reason 3. We have at some point have wished we had straight hair or at least wavy hair. I have straightened my hair twice and while I look amazing it pictures, somehow I don't look me. People with curly hair can deal with what is given to them and can make it rock.

Reason 4. Not everyone knows how to cut curly hair. And hence, either we are ready to try and experiment to find "the one" who can and when we do find them, we will not leave them for the one. Curly haired people are committed.

Reason 5. Maintaining curly hair and making it behave is a task. People with curly hair know that if you want something to be the way you want it to be, it takes effort.

Reason 6. As I have said, maintaining curly hair can be chore and sometimes, it means spending a lot on hair products. Sometimes, when you love something, you just have invest in it. Time, energy and money. Curly hair-ed people don't shy away from this.

Reason 7. We have the awesome capacity to laugh at ourselves when people compare us to Sideshow Bob, Boney M and other amazing people.

Reason 8. If you use a conditioner with a pump (and God knows all those big bottles come with a pump and who buys a small bottle that gets over in a day) we always get a good arm workout. Arms are extremely important in the plan for world domination.

Reason 9. We don't need the skills of Lucy Liu to tie our hair with a chopstick. The curls can make the chopstick stay there forever.

Reason 10. Curly hair is a dominant gene. That means all of us will produce more curly hair people. Our kind shall multiply multi fold and we shall rule the world.

Beware of our nemesis : The wind and the humidity. I hear they are teaming up to form an alliance.

If you need to know, these are my curls.


E. said...

I hear ye sister! Got fringes recently, so need to go all straight or wavy to avoid looking like an toddler chopped them locks off while I was asleep... but the joy when I get those curls back after each wash is inexplicable.

Anki S said...

Oh..I love those curly hair,I have got straight hair naturally but I've got it permanently curled 4 times :).

Aman said...

I don't think its just girls with curly hair...it's going to be girls with all kinds of hair that will rule the world! :)

krist0ph3r said...

lol, actually, bald guys will rule the world. we haven't even had to give a thought to all these problems you've so laboriously detailed here :D

Srushti Rao said...

Hahahhahaha! Yo sistah! Superbly amazing post!!! Love it!

Sharon said...

Amen to that!
Love it!